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Found 141 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem with displaying TNG help pages. Environment and TNG installation: I have installed "DesktopServer Limited" v3.8.3 (by ServerPress.com) on one of my Windows 10 Home PCs. The Apache, PHP and MySQL version-releases can be seen on attached screen copy of TNG Setup>>Diagnostics page. To install TNG I downloaded v 11.1.2 zip file and copied it to DesktopServer C:\xampplite\blueprints folder Using DesktopServer I created a local site www.tngtest1.dev from "blueprint" tngfiles1112.zip (Note! This site is not visible from internet) DesktopServer creates a virtual host by adding the following line in Windows hosts file ( C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts ): www.tngtest1.dev I created a new mysql database for TNG using phpMyAdmin with collation utf8_swedish_ci I created a database admin user with ALL PRIVILEGES and with HOST field set to localhost A TNG Regular installation was done and everything went OK. Database Host Name set to localhost and TNG tables created with collation utf8_swedish_ci Launched page www.tngtest1.dev/admin.php in FireFox and created a TNG admin user. Login to TNG with Admin user and checked: Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings > Database > Database Host: localhost Checked: Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings > Site Design and Definition and changed Genealogy URL from www.tngtest1.dev to localhost So far so good Problem and Error message: Using the TNG panels works fine but when trying to access TNG help pages I get error: Error: TNG is not communicating with your database. Please check your database settings and try again. Settings can be found under Admin/Setup/General Settings/Database, or at the top of your config.php file. Debugging done: I found an earlier forum topic on this issue but it did not conclude what the error cause is. I have done some debugging and found the following: The TNG help files are basically just html but most of them begin with including a "TNG help header". Here is a code snippet: <?php include("../../helplib.php"); echo help_header("Help: General Settings"); ?> Now helplib.php looks like this: <?php function help_header($helptitle) { $relpath = "../../"; include($relpath . "begin.php"); include($relpath . "version.php"); $header = $tngconfig['doctype'] ? $tngconfig['doctype'] . *** text excluded from code extract *** *** lines excluded from code extract *** return $header; } global $link; ?> So helplib.php includes begin.php In begin.php the last php statement contains a function call of tng_db_connect(): $link = tng_db_connect($database_host,$database_name,$database_username,$database_password,$database_port,$database_socket); I added some echo statements before the function call and found that the problem is that "$database_..." variables are not set (=empty) when function tng_db_connect is called. And this is strange since earlier in begin.php the file config.php (where these variables are set) is indeed included with statement: include($tngconfig['subroot'] . "config.php"); which I checked resolves to include("config.php") in my environment. And even more strange is that the include of config.php works flawless in the "admin_***.php" files. (Yes, I have tested it) Solution found to work: I added an include of config.php in helplib.php as follows (see line in blue color): <?php function help_header($helptitle) { $relpath = "../../"; include($relpath . "config.php"); // Added to make Help pages work in DesktopServer environment include($relpath . "begin.php"); include($relpath . "version.php"); $header = $tngconfig['doctype'] ? $tngconfig['doctype'] . *** text excluded from code extract *** *** lines excluded from code extract *** return $header; } global $link; ?> As far as I have seen so far this solves the problem. Question: Any ideas on what might cause this problem? I can do further debugging as needed, feel free to guide me. Regards Bosse
  2. Is there any way to hide notes pages for all living people? Or even to hide them for everyone?
  3. There is a long thread on this subject started nearly 14 years ago and I was in two minds whether i should start a new one, but as technology has changed in that time and several of the provided links no longer work, I thought it a good idea. Also the last comment on that thread was about 9 months ago. Presumably someone will move this comment to that one, if that is the preferred way to go. Firstly, this is completely new territory for me and totally outside my comfort zone but what the hell, I'm a young 67 and keen to learn! So I want to set up a stand alone copy of my site, so I can 'experiment a little with it, without it affecting my online site and then eventually copy it all across. And play around with this Wordpress thingy. I have successfully downloaded WAMPserver version 3.1.0 - 64 bit latest version and following the guidance notes written by Royce Tivel, which someone kindly provided the link to, earlier in the other thread. I have updated and installed all the redistributable VC packages to make it work and it turns green in the systems tray, as it should. But I am now confused and I wonder whether I am trying to solve problems that might have existed in earlier versions (and when the guidance notes were written) but don't now, such that some of the instruction is irrelevant. For example: there is an instruction to create database tables within the phpadmin database and the instruction is to import the "create_tables.sql" files located at: C:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin-3.5.3-english\examples\create_tables.sql My version of php is actually 4.7.4 so substituting that for 3.5.3 is my logic but within that folder there is no folder called, 'english'. There is one called, 'examples' but in there, there is nothing called, 'create_tables.sql.' So is this something that is not now necessary to do? Is the file located somewhere else? or indeed, having got Wamp up and running, with no error messages, can I simply copy and paste my online site (SimplyHosting) into Wamp via Filezilla without further ado? If yes, it would be helpful to know what to copy and to where. I hope that is all intelligible to someone. I'm on version 10 of TNG
  4. Lobsy


    hello together, my name is Hubertus Klatte and I come from Germany, Berlin. For some time I use TNG 11.1.1 Template 14 now I would like to use the guestbook "Lazarus". Unfortunately it can not be integrated into version 11. In the "Mods" is "not installable". Can someone explain to me how to do this can make. Many thanks and regards from berlin. Hubertus Klatte
  5. Installing on a Synology NAS is not a new topic but Synology is evolving its security and file system especially since DSM 5.0 so this may be new material. Background You don't have to read this bit. Go to '3. Set Permissions' if you just want to get on with it. After you've unzipped all the files to your TNG folder, if you happen to log in via an FTP client*, you will notice that all the files and folders have 777 permissions. This might lead you to believe that these are more than necessary to begin setting up TNG. Crucially however Synology DSM 5.0+ does not actually use Unix permissions for the 'web' shared folder access, it uses Windows Access Control List permissions, so you're wasting your time fiddling with Unix permissions. *Ultimately this means you can successfully install TNG without using any FTP client because this can't be used to set the necessary permissions. Just upload and extract the zip file from your PC/Mac using DSM File Station. For example, any file in the 'web' folder after upload will have the 777 Unix permissions. However, if you use the Permission Editor in File Station, you will only see ACL Read permissions enabled. Write are disabled. These appear to overrule the Unix settings that appear in an FTP client. Since the Express set-up uses Unix commands to change permissions, it is ineffective. Therefore.... Set Permissions Follow these instructions for each of the files listed in the set-up. These might change but for me they were: adminlog.txt, config.php, genlog.txt, importconfig.php, logconfig.php, mapconfig.php, pedconfig.php, subroot.php, templateconfig.php and whatsnew.txt In File Station, for all of the above files: Right click on the file and select 'Properties'. Click 'Permission' tab. Click 'Advanced options' and select 'Make inherited permissions explicit'. Select the top user 'http'. Click 'Edit'. Select 'Create files/Write data'. Click 'OK'. Note you could probably do all the above using Windows Explorer via a mapped drive since it will recognise the Win ACL permissions regime used by NAS. I had a look but the dialogues looked more complex then necessary. I think doing it via File Station has less scope for going wrong. Not sure if Macs can also manage Windows ACL. Anyone? Rename Folders You will not be able to rename 'gedcom' or 'backups' folders via the set-up readme.html. So: Rename the folders in File Station by right-clicking on the folder. Using Text Editor*, open config.php. Go to the line starting $backuppath and change the folder name in quotes. Open importconfig.php. Go to the line starting $gedpath and change the folder name in quotes. *I suppose you can use you Windows/Mac/Linux editor with a mapped drive but I used one installed directly to DSM: https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/app_packages/TextEditor Go to step '6. Establish Database connection' and everything should work fine via the readme set-up.I've only just started with my genealogy database so I've not touched most of the features. However, so far so good. I will update the above as I find out myself. One last thing, to the total noobs (like me) don't forget to forward port 80 on your router for http traffic to get Internet access.
  6. It's never been a problem for me BEFORE starting this process of setting up my website. But now it's a major problem. Some of my files are so large the software rejects including them in the database. Some large enough that the only way to view them is to hover on the camera icon. Apparently the software rejects making a Thumbnail out of them. This happens when you take photos of photos with an iPhone. It works great with minimal effort, but they're big files! So, what I need is a quick solution. Is there a fix within TNG or do I need to look elsewhere? I would think there are programs that will reduce jpg files as a batch operation but, before I find one and plunge into this, I thought I'd ask for advice from the more experienced. As you might imagine with over 3800 media items I DO NOT want to have to do this one shot at a time. As always, your sage advice is greatly appreciated!
  7. I still have a lot of things to resolve but I am making progress and have learned a lot as I enter day five of this learning process. I've seen Event Maps on my individual pages, but all they ever did was pop up for a split second followed with the displayed message. Now they don't show on the site at all. How to fix? Thank you in advance!
  8. While trying to work out some install issues involving the importing of media, which I've made some progress on, I've run into this. I attempted to generate thumbnails earlier today and after a number of problems was able to see the majority, but not all of them. Then on what was probably my fourth attempt I received the following error message as attached below. Your help, as always, is appreciated.
  9. I'm as new as they come. Just yesterday I downloaded the TNG software, set up an account and received a domain from Simply Hosting. My nearly 24,000 names are on the site. Little camera's indicate photos are waiting to be linked up. So there lies the first question, no doubt followed by more to come. I just read the Import Media Using GEDCOM page in the TNG Wiki. I believe I have a basic understanding of what is expected but, I'm still wondering how to proceed. I've been using Reunion for the Mac software for years. My photos of individuals are spread among many folders. They all begin with the folder name "People" and then within that folder very often the photos are put within folders bearing that person's surname. Then within the surname folder they are put into another folder bearing the individual or their husband's name. In some cases, depending on how many photos I have available for a particular surname, I may just put an individuals photo in a "Miscellaneous" folder among the list of Surname folders. Often times, because I might not have many photos attached to a single individual, I would put their photo within their surname folder in another folder named, again, "Miscellaneous." I've attached a screenshot of my file folder layout to give you a better idea of the situation. After reading the Wiki page mentioned above It appears that the way my photos are organized, spread among numerous multiple folders (probably hundreds), the process of pointing to each would be extremely tedious and time-consuming, assuming you could enter that many paths in the Setup >> Configuration >> Import Settings screen. So, here comes the question. Is there any way to make this process easier? Do I need to reorganize all these photos on my computer (and there are hundreds, likely more) into a limited number of folders in order to make the process of setting the paths easier? That's an awful lot of files contained in a few folders! As I understand it, if I do that I would have to export another GEDCOM file overwriting everything that's on the site. Not a big deal I suppose. We haven't even gotten to my equal number of headstone photos that are likewise organized, nor the hundreds of documents, some histories and other media that I will need to move to the website. Is there anything else I'm missing? My organization of these numerous files have worked well over the years within Reunion. It isn't perfect and I occasionally stray from "the norm." But, I'm not so sure it is an ideal system for moving them to my TNG website. Thanks you so much for your help and consideration in this matter and, as you might guess, it is very much appreciated! http://bit.ly/ClearfieldDescendants
  10. I'm installing tng and when I go through the express install everything works fine and when I finish, the Diagnostics page shows everything installed correctly. But if I logout and try to log back in, TNG does not recognize my username and password. I've even tried to use the password and username recovery, but tng says that the username is not associated with my email address. One other problem I'm having is that when I try to import my gedcom (2meg) tng will only import about 135 people and stops. I have the gedcom stored in my gedcom folder. It was generated by FTM-2017, but I have also tried using a gedcom made directly from ancestry.com with the same results. The data that it does import seems to be correct. Help. Russ
  11. Is there anyone else out there running TNG & WP on a Synology box? Cos I am really struggling. By default Syno does not allow WP to be installed into the root and I have deployed the suggested workarounds. But I have been round the installation loop twice already for various reasons and now I am faced with doing it a third time. This time it's because while customising the WP Theme I got an error Non-existent changeset UUID Following some advice on WordPress.org I edited the wordpress location in phpMyAdmin but now the installation is dead. However I try to login, no dice. Restoring the data base values has no effect, so a reinstall is inevitable. The forum folks thought that installation was desirable too I don't think I have the energy to do it again. I am beginning to think I would be better off installing standalone TNG & WP and cross linking using simple URL's. Thoughts? (especially from other Synology NAS owners) -Paul
  12. The Private Media Mod won't install to my TNG v 11.1.1 Why? I have attached a screen print!
  13. Rick39

    Latest Mod

    Could someone in the know please advise. Wiki page suggest that certain files, listed on the right, need to be backed up. Don't see this list. Is this an oversight or is there no longer a requirement. Thanks Rick39
  14. The spes Norwegian æ ø å worked well on my system both in TNG program-text and that from the database (names and so on), using ISO-8859-15. But the upgrade to 11.1.1 was fatal: All letters (æ, ø and å) from the database are now wrong displayed. I have tried several changes without luck, including those on this site. Any idea . . .?
  15. psmay

    TNG Plugin on wordpress

    I have just upgraded to TNG version 11 and TNG works like a charm. However in WordPress I cannot get any search items when using my Genealogy tab whatsoever ever just a white blank screen. If I go to the WP dashboard it lets me into 'go to TNG Admin'without a problem. But when I try and click on the icon 'click on TNG Variables' it comes back with message 'Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page'. Any thoughts on this as it does state You should press this button if you upgrade your TNG version, or if pages display incorrectly.' Same error message appears for 'Search for TNG installation' but is lets me go to the TNG admin without a problem my website is. http://Www.seaburnemay.ca Thanks Peter since writing this last night my entire login to WP Does not work - I enter my username and password and then the page just goes white- blank. Clicking on Genealogy tab does the same thing. Suggestion was to deselect plugins but no change. Perhaps I should reload backup of all WP files? Help!
  16. I have just completed (with help from others) some work to Replace the terms Last Name / Names to Surname / Surnames Remove the inconsistent mix of the two Introduce consistent capitalisation throughout It occurs to me that sharing the resulting custom_text.php file might be helpful to others but I am not sure whether that meets forum rules or if it would better on the Wiki page?
  17. Upgraded from TNG 11.0 -> 11.1. After the install were all special letters in both admin pages and web-site wrong. (æ->vÃ; ø-> Ã,; ü-> ö). After reading on forum did I: Change TNG Administration -> Setup -> General setup -> Language -> changed Danish to Danish_UTF8 Change TNG Administration -> Setup -> Language -> Danish to Danish_UTF8 and English to English_UTF8 Changed phpMyAdmin (mySQL) -> General settings -> change Server connection collation from Latin1_danish_ci to utp8_danish_ci For all tabels, one at the time (e.g. tng_addresses) using Operations change Collation from Latin1_danish_ci to utp8_danish_ci (could not make the Phoca service tool to work) For all colums change Collation (e.g. ALTER TABLE see below) In Legacy v. export to GEDCOM 5.5 using UTF8, verified using notepad++ that export was of UTF format ("CHAR UTF-8") From TNG Administration -> Import -> mark "Accept data for all new Custom Event Types" and Replace in selected tree marked "All current data" but still the æøü problem.. Then I switched to utf8_swedish_ci in the database and TNG Administration - still the same result... please help (I got most of the 'how to' from http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Changing_to_UTF-8) SQL statement to change all tabels: ALTER TABLE `tng_addresses` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE `tng_albumlinks` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE `tng_albumplinks` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE `tng_albums` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_associations CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_branches CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_branchlinks CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_cemeteries CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_children CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_citations CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_countries CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_dna_links CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_dna_tests CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_events CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_eventtypes CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_families CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_languages CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_media CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_medialinks CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_mediatypes CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_mostwanted CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_notelinks CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_people CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_places CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_reports CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_repositories CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_saveimport CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_sources CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_states CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_temp_events CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_timelineevents CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_trees CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_users CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci; ALTER TABLE tng_xnotes CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_danish_ci;
  18. Paul Barrett

    Integrating TNG to WordPress

    Hi everybody After my first abortive post yesterday, this one's for real. I have followed the wiki instructions for installing TNG / WordPress / WordPress-TNG-Plugin and have reached the end. I have lots of problems with teh result.. Not much is working and i suspect that many of the issues are occurring due to the domino effect. So I will try and fix them one at a time I am getting a warning message in WordPress Admin: In order to make TNG visible, you must go to TNG options, and specify a page where TNG will be displayed on your site. The issue appears to be that although I have a page called Genealogy, it does not appear in the dropdown selector. In fact, nothing does and the drop down is severely truncated. See image attached. I'd welcome some help with this please. Thanks for listening - Paul
  19. Hi Everyone! Noob alert! My first swim in this pool and I'm in at the deep end. Help! (And apologies for the long post) As you were! I think I just found the solution on the Synology Forum Look for post From Akrofly dated 11th March 2017 I am setting up TNG on a Synology NAS drive where I have an existing WordPress install that is unused and can be repurposed to support TNG but I need to move it from the subfolder wordpress to the root of web. Instructions on the TNG wiki site were to edit wordpress general settings to alter the site URL and Web URL fields to the new location. But the site URL was greyed out. I googled that and found a wordpress article that suggested editing the entries directly in the database. I used phpMyAdmin to edit the values. Although there were two values they were identical, unlike the entries on the settings page where the site URL was a local address, while the web url was <domain name>/wordpress. As there were no other relevant fields containing the local address I edited the two that I could and removed the subfolder name from them Next I tried to bring up the login page. Entering brought up the wordpress home page with my selected theme and I was able to scroll down to the login link. But clicking that link returned an Internal Server error page. I noticed that the URL for the login page was showing so I edited the address bar entry to remove the superfluous "wordpress/" to see if it would find the login file. That succeeded and I got the wp login screen But when I tried to log in I got the same error page and the URL in the address bar had reverted to I tried clearing the browser cache but that made no difference. So, it would seem that there's a variable lurking somewhere which contains the old login URL. At least, that's my best guess. I did think that my best course of action would be to delete the entire WordPress Installation and start over but then I remembered that Synology's WordPress installation will not allow you to install it directly into the root Any suggestions please folks?
  20. I've just moved (cloned) my site to the new location based on the new Darin's tutorial "Moving your TNG site to a new host". I would like to draw some practical advices: after step 4: Now you have to prepare a new config.php file in the way that it contains all configuration data from your original site but newly created database data (the first section of the file). With this additional step your cloned site should be up and running Best Regards Michal small note: If you deleted readme.html file from your original installation (as recommended) you need to upload it (e.g. from original installation files).
  21. Melle van der Heide

    Installation help

    I can't seem to get past all the steps of installation. I am trying to install with the readme file. I encountered the fact that when clicking the buttons for anything, it would continously say "Please wait, attempting to process..." and not getting result. When coming past the step "Database Tables" I wanted to enter admin_setup.php, but it looks odd. The URL to my site is http://www.stamboomvanderheide.nl. Index.php here. TNG Version is 10.1.3, templates chosen is template 5. Can anyone help with the installation?
  22. John Maggio

    TNG/WP integration using plugin issues

    I have read the forum, read the wiki, followed every document i can and i still can not get the WP/TNG login integration to work. I am new to wordpress and TNG, but not a newb with websites, computers or CMS. I have hosted several Joomla sites in the past and decided to do WP this time. I am using 11.0.1 TNG and 4.5.3 WP. I have wordpress in a folder called WP and TNG in a folder called TNG. I am using no themes in TNG and i have tried multiple themes in WP, settling on a simple theme called Virtue. It allows me to create a page with no sidebars. Once i have this all working, i will rethink the WP theme. I have a page on my wordpress site called genealogy and my TNG pages open in there with no issue, as long as i am logged into TNG, it works. If I am not logged into TNG, i get an error message, which I expect, since I am not logged in. When I log into WP with an ID that matches an ID in TNG, I expect that I would log into TNG also and that is not happening. I have wiped the site several times because i followed the instructions and when i do the .htaccess part, i inevitably lose the ability to log into anything and nothing appears except errors. I have been working on this for over two weeks and i am getting very frustrated. I don't want users to have to log in separately, but I am heading down that direction. I have everything back to normal with WP working and TNG opening in my WP Genealogy Page. I am looking for some guidance on what I need to check to see what is messing me up. I have tried so much, i am now confused on what I did, but my last try was to follow the TNG Wiki site with the instructions and I could not get back into my site until i went into my hosting control panel and reset some stuff there. Any suggestions? Can i provide some info that can help? Thanks for your time, I am sure it is me doing something dumb, but I am out of eyes to find it.
  23. I just successfully installed v11.1 over 10.1 and all looked OK. I then started to install mods. The problem occurred after I “cleaned up” either the Rip Prevention Mod (maybe) or the Unused Media Mod (probably) and got this message: "An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message. Query: SELECT * FROM tng_mediatypes ORDER BY ordernum, display " Now the site doesn’t work at all. Thinking it was one of those mods, I removed both from my “Mods” folder, but I still get the same error message. What do I do to restore the site? How can I restore the "old" tng_mediatypes table? Obviously, I cannot access my admin area to do so. Thanks for any help, Jerry Liebowitz http://x.liebowitzes.com/genealogy
  24. Installing v11 over 10.1.3. Following Darrin's instructions, trying to remove mod "showfolio". Got errors "can't delete" on some files (see attached screen shot). Do I have to correct these errors first or can I ignore them and proceed with v11 install?
  25. Jean Pichette

    Media Folders

    Hello, I've produced a gedcom and after examination, I see the links to media files to be as follows: "3 FILE \\Mac\Home\Documents\Genealogy\Legacy Genealogy Files\media\Photos\pichette,stephanie3.jpg" or "2 FILE \\Mac\Home\Documents\Genealogy\Legacy Genealogy Files\media\Sources\pichette,guym1.jpg" Please notice the Photos & Sources folders. I use different folders for my media in Legacy Family Tree 8 (Genealogy Software). Will TNG be able to associate all my media files if I keep the same folder trees in the PHOTOS folder on the server or must I copy all my Source images into the Photos folder? In Sources, I have censuses, headstones, certificates, death cards - anything that isn't a picture. Also, TNG states that I must use the GEDCOM 5.5 as upload format, I don't see it when exporting from Legacy. What do I use? I haven't been able to upload at all. I'm at day 1 of purchase of TNG11. When uploading a gedcom (with 60 individuals or 15000 - it doens't make a difference) it just hangs and gives me an error. The error states that I should upload my gedcom to the server - but it is in the Gedcom folder of the server! I thought this would be an easier. Thanks for any help. Jean