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Found 105 results

  1. Problem Fixed: Posted information for others that may encounter the same blank screen. *face palm* I just trouble shot my problem. I have also reviewed "webtrees" which is similar to TNG and within the admin area you can set it so users cannot change the template used. So that all users that access the tree have the same gui and options so when someone emails a problem, there is no question as to which template they are using. So the 2nd graphic shows that I modified the main title to help trouble shoot. Little did I know that when you selected Enable Template Selection to "No" with TNG that No templates will load. This may be a topic that has already been addressed, but if not this is what I did to fix it. A little fly-out "bubble help" on that selection would be helpful =)
  2. Good afternoon... After testing TNG v10.1.1 on my XAMPP earlier this week, I upgraded the public site this afternoon. All went well even if I botched the initial template4 upgrade. During a standard PC operation, the site runs as well as always. However, when I went to the Bride's iPad to exalt, I found that there was little to cheer about. For instance, the show/hide event MOD does not function so all the Census Plus MOD work remains hidden (as well as other events). Links from individual's page to a relative (parent, sibling, etc) do not work. Neither can I get back to the Home page or use the left margin menu items on an individual's page. I also checked the site with an iPhone with identical results. The menu links on the Home page work as do the subsequent links; e.g. a named cemetery on the Cemetery page or a named place on the Places page. Thinking that the botched template4 upgrade was a hint, I switched to template1 and got identical results on an individual's page. And worse in many respects - I have lost use of the Research MOD that was so helpful since I use TNG for my research. I expected to lose that function in the short term with hopes that it would be revived in the mid-term. I delayed the 10.1 upgrade because I did not want to lose that MOD. Since I wanted to have the tree available on mobile devices during a 2nd cousin's daughter's wedding later this month - I upgraded. Thanks in advance for guidance or suggestions! Regis www.CarrFamilyTree.com
  3. I don't know if this is the right place to ask -- but is there anyone who can assist me with the upgrade from TNG 9.2.2 to the latest version? We have known -- for about 18 months -- that we needed to replace our dedicated Linux server, so we were reluctant to do any upgrades, etc.  The folks at Website Movers have now moved the contents of the server to a brand new shiny one at LiquidWeb, so it's time to upgrade TNG. Our site is at http://www.hmdp.com   The only customization that we have is the image display in the home page.  When I have done previous upgrades I've managed to inadvertently kill the slide show feature, and have needed help getting it to work again. I am happy to pay for someone to do the upgrade -- for the comfort of knowing it's been done correctly.  If anyone is interested please contact me here, or send me a message via the forum. Thanks! Craig
  4. Hi all, I have a strange mod manager issue. I am on TNG 10.1.1, several weeks now, and suddenly these strange errors occur, when installing or deleting (different mods). See the attached pictures. The errors seems to have a relation to permissions etc. but I have checked everything. I can not find any wrong set permission to files and/or directories. The mod file as stated in the picture is in the mods directory, The website is working without a problem, so I am a bit lost (http://www.stamboominformatie.nl). Does anyone know how to solve this? KR., Sandor
  5. Hi I have a little problem upon my installation of TNG v. 10 It seems like no matter what link i press on it comes up with an error, i cannot create admin or anything else in the backend. Please look at this link http://kjoller-slaegten.dk/admin.php and then press on any link you like. I hope someone can help.....