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Found 141 results

  1. Cueyelink

    Openstreet Map error

    Hello, I have a problem with OSM after installation, Open-street Map is not working in TNG v.13.0.4 (Dutch) TNG - Wordpress (without the WP-plugin) running on Xampp / Localhost OSM Automatic Geo coding: Version Installation OSM in Mod manager: ok Map key: OSM Problem: The map shows for a split second and then results in a error message (in Dutch). The same error message as some other mentioned (see attachment). Used several different browsers and also ran TNG, as test, separated from WordPress. The solution offered by Ken Roy did not solve the problem. Hope that someone can help me out with this one. Thanks in advance,
  2. I need some information: I downloaded the update to vs 13.1 for testing on my offline site. I installed my site on the server with Laragon and PHP 7.4.15 after the files were updated to de directory of my site I ran the button with the upgrade db but I think he did not update the db. structure. But after a long time I got the message: The connection was reinitialized The connection to the server was reinitialized while the page was loading. Maybe the website is temporarily unavailable or overloaded. Try again in a few moments. If you cannot load any pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure Firefox can access the web. What can I do to get a correct update?
  3. Hi there I need a bit of help I carefully followed the instructions in file: "readme1304-13x.html". Everything went well. I started on my test-site "better safe than sorry" 😎 . I have backup of everything (all files plus full database). Especially for the database step, I get the message quoted below, so everything has worked fine as this is written in "upgrade_db1304-131.php" The problem is: I can not upload my GEDCOM file to the test-site. I have tried many times. Absolutely nothing happens. This page: https://test-tng.stegemueller.dk/admin_gedimport.php returns this message: SELECT filename, icount, ioffset, fcount, foffset, scount, soffset, mcount, pcount, ncount, noffset, roffset, fileoffset, ucaselast, norecalc, neweronly, allevents, media, branch, delvar from tng_saveimport WHERE gedcom = "" Unknown column 'fileoffset' in 'field list' Can anyone tell me how I can handle this issue on the test-site? To me it looks like something has gone wrong in updating the database, when there is an unknown column. Kind regards, Hanne B. Stegemüller
  4. I want to install TNG v. 13 on a newer MacBook Air running OSX Big Sur, as my current desktop computer (with TNG) is much older and getting cranky. I have installed MAMP successfully, and unpacked the TNG zip file for v.13.0.3. I am now at step 7 of the installation readme file, and when I accept the default Database Collection: entry of utf8_general_ci, and then click the Save and Create button, I get a popup window shown in the attached screenshot. Closing that popup, the messages says: Please wait, attempting to process. Nothing else happens. I have tried this several times with the same result. Can anyone point to anything I can do at this point to move forward? Jim Culbert
  5. I've successfully run MariaDB (the 'drop-in' successor to MySQL, created by the original team that authored MySQL many years ago) on my TNG live site for years. Now, with Apple making it harder and harder for software developers to install and manage development tools, I've had to switch to Brew for maintaining software that my TNG test installations require. One good positive development, though, was the possibility of leaving MySQL (and Oracle the owner of MySQL) behind forever with a move to MariaDB. All good...or so I thought. My first attempt to create a fresh TNG 13.0.4 test installation stalled at database table creation. The script just never finishes. Approximately half of the tables get created, and then...nothing. Process inspection shows that MariaDB does not appear to be doing any work (so...no live-lock though perhaps a deadlock, I suppose). PHP does not appear to be working either. A second attempt stalled as well, but after getting not quite as far through the tables as the first. My system: MariaDB 10.6.4 / PHP 7.4.2 / macOS 11.5.2 (otherwise known as "Big Suck" ... oh, sorry... "Big Sur") Any insights would be appreciated. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  6. HELP! Thank you for your time reading this. For about a year I have been running my WAMP system without problem. I decided to upgrade my PC server and start everything clean from scratch. Everything went fine reinstalled tested on localhost to check everything was fine before properly building the site. When using online everything displays correctly but it will not allow login or user registration. What have I messed up with the install of either wamp or TNG? I have been trying to solve it myself for about 10 days getting nowhere fast. Suggestions please.....
  7. Will someone show me where I can find the steps to install a working version of TNG on a local server. I am about as green as they come and need the "installation for Dummies" process for installing on a local Windows 10 machine. I have installed Ver 13 on my webserver and can get into admin. So I am not a complete novice. The instructions fo the web are very good. I now want to install ver 13 on my local Windows 10 machine for development and testing before moving to my website. So far I have: downloaded ver 13. Properly installed: WAMPServer 3.17 on D drive D:/WAMP64. I get the green W on the taskbar. Windows Service name MySQL80 MySQL connection id is 11 Version 8.0.25 My community server - GPL Apache 2.4.46 PHP 7.3.21 SQL 8.0.21 Ports: HTTP 80 MySQL 3306 created a virtual host - "tngsite" on D:/tngsite executed tngsite/readme.html and can display the TNG Installation Instructions page Copied tgn downloaded directories and files to D:/tngsite (with no changes. straight copy) skipped step 2 because I want the installation on my local machine Step 3 'set permissions:' then "Please wait, attempting to process" nothing happens. freezes. What have I missed? Thanks to anyone that can show me the way. Lee
  8. Darrell Brown

    Cannot access public home page

    Neophyte needs some help with an upgrade. After upgrading from V12 to V13, I can access admin page but the public page at browngen.com shows up blank. After viewing the upgrade video, I believe I followed the directions correctly and even went back a second time to try the upgrade. I cleared my cache and used a second browser and still have the same issue. The Public Home link on my admin page points to: https://browngen.com/index.php . I made no changes to the root path or config path. Under Site Design and Definition, the Home page is listed as index.php and the URL shows as https://www.browngen.com/ Any advice from the experts in the community would be appreciated. Darrell Brown
  9. Hello, I must preface this by stating that I have zero knowledge or understanding of anything I'm about to write (therein lies the problem!). I have done a fair bit of searching online, but I've not managed to find anything I can actually understand. It may seem at odds with the idea of a family history website but, for a variety of reasons, I would like to use TNG locally - for the foreseeable future, at least. The thought being that one day I will have a site worth making public, at which point I will look into web-hosting options, but that's a far-off goal and until then I should like to just be able to faff about with it offline as and when I am able to. Following advice and some further reading, I have installed Laragon for this purpose (I use Windows 10, albeit it on an old and decrepit machine). And now I am stuck. I am reasonably sure that I would like to do the whole integrating-TNG-with-Wordpress thing (the Kloosterman method, rather than the plugin). By any chance, does there exist a 'how-to' guide for doing this with Laragon? Or would anybody be able to provide basic instructions, please? I'm hoping that's not too big an ask, but I really am clueless so can only apologise if it is. Many thanks in advance =]
  10. Since I reinstalled TNG v13.0.4, "Public Access Control" can no longer be installed. Now I have deleted all mods that conflict with "PAC". However, it cannot be installed. Everything went smoothly under TNG v13.0.3 ...... Can someone help me?? Thank you! flags: @ optional ^ (provisional) must be available ~ protected line 42: %target:admin_genconfig.php% verified line 43: %location:% #1 not installed line 60: %location:% #2 not installed line 326: %target:admin_updateconfig.php% verified line 327: %location:% #1 not installed line 372: %target:ahnentafel.php% verified line 373: %location:% #1 not installed line 393: %location:% #2 not installed line 411: %location:% #3 not installed line 432: %location:% #4 not installed line 449: %location:% #5 not installed line 466: %location:% #6 not installed line 483: %location:% #7 not installed line 501: %location:% #8 not installed line 519: %location:% #9 not installed line 537: %location:% #10 not installed line 555: %location:% #11 not installed line 578: %target:cemeteries.php% verified line 579: %location:% #1 not installed line 601: %target:descend.php% verified line 602: %location:% #1 not installed line 621: %location:% #2 not installed line 638: %location:% #3 not installed line 660: %target:descendtext.php% verified line 661: %location:% #1 not installed line 678: %location:% #2 not installed line 699: %target:extrastree.php% verified line 700: %location:% #1 not installed line 719: %location:% #2 not installed line 735: %location:% #3 not installed line 751: %location:% #4 not installed line 770: %target:familygroup.php% verified line 771: %location:% #1 not installed line 792: %location:% #2 not installed line 811: %location:% #3 not installed line 827: %location:% #4 not installed line 843: %location:% #5 not installed line 860: %location:% #6 not installed line 880: %target:familychart.php% verified line 881: %location:% #1 not installed line 897: %location:% #2 not installed line 917: %target:functions.php% verified line 918: %location:% #1 not installed line 934: %location:% #2 not installed line 950: %location:% #3 not installed line 988: %target:genlib.php% verified line 989: %location:% #1 not installed line 1005: %location:% #2 not installed line 1021: %location:% #3 not installed line 1037: %location:% #4 not installed line 1053: %location:% #5 not installed line 1069: %location:% #6 not installed line 1087: %parameter:$xerxxShowSuggest:0% line 1094: %location:% #7 not installed line 1113: %location:% #8 not installed line 1130: %location:% #9 not installed line 1147: %location:% #10 not installed line 1164: %location:% #11 not installed line 1181: %location:% #12 not installed line 1198: %location:% #13 not installed line 1218: %location:% #14 Bad target line 1235: %location:% #15 not installed line 1252: %location:% #16 not installed line 1269: %location:% #17 not installed line 1287: %location:% #18 not installed line 1304: %location:% #19 not installed line 1321: %location:% #20 not installed line 1338: %location:% #21 not installed line 1356: %location:% #22 not installed line 1378: %location:% #23 not installed line 1395: %location:% #24 not installed line 1412: %location:% #25 not installed line 1429: %location:% #26 not installed line 1445: %location:% #27 not installed line 1461: %location:% #28 not installed line 1477: %location:% #29 not installed line 1494: %location:% #30 not installed line 1511: %location:% #31 not installed line 1528: %location:% #32 not installed line 1544: %location:% #33 not installed line 1560: %location:% #34 not installed line 1577: %location:% #35 not installed line 1594: %location:% #36 not installed line 1618: %target:getperson.php% verified line 1619: %location:% #1 not installed line 1636: %location:% #2 not installed line 1658: %location:% #3 not installed line 1674: %location:% #4 not installed line 1690: %location:% #5 not installed line 1707: %location:% #6 not installed line 1727: %target:globallib.php% verified line 1728: %location:% #1 not installed line 1744: %location:% #2 not installed line 1763: %location:% #3 not installed line 1779: %location:% #4 not installed line 1798: %target:headstones.php% verified line 1799: %location:% #1 not installed line 1816: %location:% #2 not installed line 1826: %location:% #3 not installed line 1843: %location:% #4 not installed line 1862: %location:% #5 not installed line 1879: %location:% #6 not installed line 1901: %target:mostwanted.php% verified line 1902: %location:% #1 not installed line 1923: %target:pedbox.php% verified line 1924: %location:% #1 not installed line 1940: %location:% #2 not installed line 1956: %location:% #3 not installed line 1979: %target:pedigree.php% verified line 1980: %location:% #1 not installed line 2000: %location:% #2 not installed line 2017: %location:% #3 not installed line 2034: %location:% #4 not installed line 2054: %target:pedigreetext.php% verified line 2055: %location:% #1 not installed line 2072: %location:% #2 not installed line 2089: %location:% #3 not installed line 2107: %target:personlib.php% verified line 2113: %location:% #1 not installed line 2133: %location:% #2 not installed line 2150: %location:% #3 not installed line 2172: %location:% #4 not installed line 2191: %location:% #5 not installed line 2208: %location:% #6 not installed line 2229: %location:% #7 not installed line 2248: %location:% #8 not installed line 2266: %parameter:$xerxxCollHideIcons:true% line 2272: %location:% #9 not installed line 2294: %location:% #10 not installed line 2311: %location:% #11 not installed Mobile_Site_Enhancements NOT installed, Conflict 1 line 2332: %location:% #12 not installed line 2375: %location:% #13 not installed line 2394: %location:% #14 not installed line 2417: %location:% #15 not installed line 2440: %location:% #16 not installed line 2458: %location:% #17 not installed Mobile_Site_Enhancements NOT installed, Conflict 2 line 2479: %location:% #18 not installed line 2502: %location:% #19 not installed line 2571: %location:% #20 not installed line 2592: %location:% #21 not installed line 2610: %location:% #22 not installed line 2630: %location:% #23 not installed line 2706: %target:placesearch.php% verified line 2711: %location:% #1 not installed line 2728: %location:% #2 not installed line 2745: %location:% #3 not installed line 2758: %target:register.php% verified line 2759: %location:% #1 not installed line 2779: %location:% #2 not installed line 2796: %location:% #3 not installed line 2813: %location:% #4 not installed line 2834: %location:% #5 not installed line 2851: %location:% #6 not installed line 2868: %location:% #7 not installed line 2886: %location:% #8 not installed line 2905: %target:showmap.php% verified line 2906: %location:% #1 Bad target Mobile_Site_Enhancements NOT installed, Conflict 3 line 2926: %location:% #2 not installed line 2964: %location:% #3 not installed line 2980: %location:% #4 not installed line 3000: %location:% #5 not installed line 3017: %location:% #6 not installed line 3035: %location:% #7 not installed line 3070: %location:% #8 not installed line 3088: %location:% #9 not installed line 3106: %location:% #10 not installed line 3132: %location:% #11 not installed line 3149: %location:% #12 not installed line 3171: %target:verticalchart.php% verified line 3172: %location:% #1 not installed line 3189: %location:% #2 not installed line 3206: %location:% #3 not installed line 3224: %target:whatsnew.php% verified line 3225: %location:% #1 not installed line 3239: %target:whatsnew.php% verified line 3240: %location:% #1 not installed line 3263: %target:bookmarks.php% verified line 3264: %location:% #1 not installed line 3283: %target:browsealbums.php% verified line 3284: %location:% #1 not installed line 3303: %target:browsemedia.php% verified line 3304: %location:% #1 not installed line 3323: %target:browsenotes.php% verified line 3324: %location:% #1 not installed line 3343: %target:browserepos.php% verified line 3344: %location:% #1 not installed line 3363: %target:browsesources.php% verified line 3364: %location:% #1 not installed line 3383: %target:gedform.php% verified line 3384: %location:% #1 not installed line 3403: %target:relateform.php% verified line 3404: %location:% #1 Bad target line 3423: %target:relationship.php% verified line 3424: %location:% #1 not installed line 3443: %target:reports.php% verified line 3444: %location:% #1 not installed line 3463: %target:showalbum.php% verified line 3464: %location:% #1 not installed line 3483: %target:showmedia.php% verified line 3484: %location:% #1 not installed line 3503: %target:showrepo.php% verified line 3504: %location:% #1 not installed line 3523: %target:showreport.php% verified line 3524: %location:% #1 not installed line 3543: %target:showsource.php% verified line 3544: %location:% #1 not installed line 3563: %target:suggest.php% verified line 3564: %location:% #1 not installed line 3583: %target:timeline.php% verified line 3584: %location:% #1 not installed line 3608: %target:languages/English/cust_text.php% verified line 3609: %location:% #1 not installed line 3676: %target:languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 3677: %location:% #1 not installed line 3745: %target:@languages/Dutch/cust_text.php% verified line 3747: %location:% #1 not installed line 3815: %target:@languages/Dutch-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 3817: %location:% #1 not installed line 3886: %target:@languages/French/cust_text.php% verified line 3888: %location:% #1 not installed line 3957: %target:@languages/French-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 3959: %location:% #1 not installed line 4029: %target:@languages/German/cust_text.php% verified line 4031: %location:% #1 not installed line 4100: %target:@languages/German-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 4102: %location:% #1 not installed line 4170: %target:@languages/Swedish/cust_text.php% verified line 4172: %location:% #1 not installed line 4240: %target:@languages/Swedish-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 4242: %location:% #1 not installed line 4316: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNonotes.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNonotes.png line 4317: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNoalbums.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNoalbums.png line 4318: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNophotos.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNophotos.png line 4319: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNodocuments.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNodocuments.png line 4320: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNoheadstones.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNoheadstones.png line 4321: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNohistories.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNohistories.png line 4322: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNorecordings.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNorecordings.png line 4323: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNovideos.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNovideos.png line 4324: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNocitations.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNocitations.png line 4325: %copyfile2: img/xerxxNomedia.png not copied Source: mods/PublicAccessControl/xerxxNomedia.png
  11. Tried to install mod for hiding Google links in V1303 and almost succeeded. The third change candidate in the mod was not accepted. I think the syntax of the statement looked for had been changed since V12. Is it possible to have another version of this mod, please? 😀 Regards, Fokko
  12. Hi folks, I am migrating my tng site to a web hosting site and can only use one database it appears. I have wordpress/tng working in one site but find that this is using a database which is not up to date. My live TNG site uses an unique wordpress database and an unique tng database. The problem I am trying to solve is to use the wordpress setup from my old server setup and my newer tng database by migrating the wordpress site to the new host and then adding tng to the website and then merge to two databases into one. So question, is it possible to merge the tng database into the existing wordpress database? Sorry but rereading this makes my head hurt. Too many things on my plate right now, getting my offgrid house up in the Cascade mountains on the market up, getting my 1963 Dodge Dart convertible running without overheating, and then migrating to the new host. Thanks and Cheers! john
  13. I have installed TNG at root level. public domain. Now I want to move the installation to a folder for TNG. What do I have to do to make it happen? Tore
  14. I am not proficient with programming or any kind of software codes or writing or anything. I bought TNG, took me a year or so to get it up and running, because of my limited technology skills, and now it is up. Question 1.. I used a Host, Simple Host, who said they would do everything, Sure Support is their support group. None of my media are connected to the people they are supposed to be connected to, no photos or media of any kind are showing up at all. The little icons are there as though the media is there, next to their names on an edit panel, but no matter what I do nothing appears for them. Even when I upload photos directly while editing a person, I get a blank screen then several error messages, but then, later, when I go back in, the media is there and connected...What cause it to do that? I see there is a ton of media when I look at the admin view, but nothing shows up for any person at any time. I put in a support ticket and Sure Support said they didn't know anything about that, it was a problem between me and the software. Uh oh. Can anyone help someone who is rather technologically challenged figure out what went wrong and how to fix it? (hopefully that does not involve uploading media too each individual ....there are over 20,000 in my tree...well, 40,000, but half those are doubles, from an uploaded GEDCOM that I THOUGHT would replace AND add to the existing population of the tree. Question 2, any suggestions on how to upload new people, lots of new people, every day. I enter them in Ancestry first, then I create a GECOM and upload, clicking replace matches, and it still adds duplicates instead of replacing matches ....it is the exact same Gedcom, every day, just 20 or so new people, ....it duplicates everyone, even though I set it to replace matches....any hope? Thanks, Synthia
  15. Robin, I'm unable to download the Cemetery Map & Image mod for v13, I'm being prompted to upload a zip file to the wiki. I was able to download the Cemetery Burials Table but was unsuccessful installing it. I hope I'm following the instructions correctly: 1. I backed up the files listed 2. Unzipped the files and ftp'd the cfg and folder to the mods directory When I went to the mods manager to install the mod I get the errors listed in the attachment. I looked in the folder that was in the zip file, there's nothing but another folder "languages". What did I do wrong?
  16. ^maikl11

    Mod Secret medias

    Hello everybody, I wanted to install the mod "Secret medias" today. But it cannot be installed. Can you tell me why ??? I have TNG 13.0.2 Template 12 Thanks in advance...
  17. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    I would like to have two languages

    Hi there, SOLVED Maybe I have completely misunderstood everything about languages... I have template 209, which supports more languages, and I have installed Danish-UTF8 and English-UTF8. I can change between the languages. That part works fine. Q 1) After kind advise and inspiration from Rob, I have decided to have my front page translated into English by someone who is better at English, than I am. Where (in which file) do I place the English version? Edited: okay maybe I have solved Q 1 my self: It as simple as 'choosing 'Create copy in' in template 209? Q 2) Where do I change the fields/labels? What I don't understand is, that there is only one database - but the fields/labels must be stored somewhere? I had i.e.. this issue: Even though I chose Danish, I got the label 'Census', but I Danish it should be 'Folketælling', so I translated them directly in the database table: tng_sources fields 'title' and 'shorttitle'. So now it is correct, when I choose Danish in the frontend, but (of course) it is wrong when I choose English. Can one of you advise me the central link to the explanation about how I should handle the languages? Best regards, Hanne, Denmark
  18. Michael A. Kennedy

    Installing WIKI on www.josephsmithsr.com

    Our website had wiki installed once before with several biographies already created in those wikis. I need our wiki fixed. Is there someone willing to assist with this? Willing to pay reasonable rate. Contact me at jsehs@xmission.com.
  19. Michael A. Kennedy

    TNG Wiki broken on www.josephsmithjr.org

    We were forced to change host providers with our website. We've since moved to a new provider and the site with TNG is working with the exception of our wiki pages are not displaying. I'm looking for someone who can fix this on our website. If someone is interested please contact me at mkennedy@xmission.com
  20. Hello TNG Community! I am the administrator of the Early Latter-day Saint Database and I am in the process of creating a new design for the site. At present I am running V.12.0.1 and have asked Darrin to help with the new install to the newest version. The "old" design is found at http://earlylds.com the new page in process is found at http://earlylds.com/EarlyLDSHome1.html. I would like to modify the plain template to add my own header and footer and change the colors to match the home page see the draft of the individual page attached. Doing this is beyond my ability and so I seeking to hire someone to help with the process. I can offer $75.00 for the work. If you are interested please contact me at tglatey@cox.net Terry
  21. ^maikl11

    Watermark mod

    Hello everybody, unfortunately I can not install the Watermark Mod? Something is wrong in the admin_users file, line 70 !!! But what??? Who can help me?
  22. I have just downloaded tngupgrade9x-1302.zip (twice) and tngfiles1302.zip (once) as the first step in attempting to upgrade from version 9.2.1 to version 13.0.2 of TNG. The file sizes are 15,052,135 bytes (both times) and 16,639,406 bytes respectively. WinZip (9.0 SR-1 (6224)) pauses frequently while unzipping the downloaded files to report: I gave up on the upgrade file after skipping 27 files and on the full file after skipping the first of these files, admin_deleteentity.php WinZip provides no means of overriding the warning and its help file merely advises to download the Zip file again. I don't see any point in attempting to upload the unzipped files to my website when dozens of files are missing. Is the problem with WinZip or with the TNG files?
  23. Greetings, Back in the day I installed TNG 8.0.2. Added some data. Then... things happened. And now I am trying to resume where I left. I would like to upgrade to the latest version. Site doesn't work any more, because machine now has PHP 7 only. So what's the smoothest way to go about upgrading while preserving my data. (I have backup.) Completely fresh install, db and all. And then restore backup. Have there been any breaking changes in the db schema, that will prevent a restore (mysqldump sql file)? Drop the new code, fix config, point to existing db. Perhaps manually run a db update scripts of sort. Nothing to worry about. Normal version 13 install, and it will figure what needs to be updated with the existing database. I tried to look for the above information here at the forum and on the wiki, but was unable to find anything of interest. Perhaps the download page for v13 may have that info, but I haven't paid yet. Cheers! tjk
  24. I searched to see if this question has been posted before but couldn't find it. I hope it's not a duplicate. I'm trying to install TNG13 on a second site on a shared hosting package. I'm not sure where to install TNG in the directory for the second site since I already have TNG installed in public_html for my main site. My second site shows up in my main director as a separate folder on the same directory level as my public_html folder. Can I just install TNG for the second time inside the folder for the second site? I have attached a screenshot of my directory as viewed in FileZilla. Second question -- I'm using the same database for both sites. Is it possible to set up TNG on both sites to access the same database so I only have to upload updates to the database once, rather than having to upload it twice, once for each site? My main site is https://rykbrown.net/ My first TNG install is https://rykbrown.net/TNG/index.php My second site is https://stewartsofbalquhidder.com/ Thanks for any assistance.
  25. I installed v.13.0.1 (update from 12x) and everything seems to work fine except when I go to mod manager where I get an Error 500 - internal server error. Is there anything I can do to recover from this? The site is: http://elizabethriemer.com/index.php Thank you for any help, Liz