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Found 54 results

  1. I keep careful track of the deaths in our extended Tarvin family, including using Google Alerts to let me know when obituaries are published. I record the information in my TNG site and feed these obituaries to our family association membership chair (who turns 90 this year). I also create a presentation for the reunion each year that we call the Honor Roll with a slide for each family member who died since the last reunion. I regret that these are not published to a larger family audience, so I'm looking for a way to do that easily. I've considered creating a blog entry for each person, but that's additional work. So I'm suggesting here a new display screen for a person in TNG that can be used in a presentation or as a blog posting. It would show not only the standard birth and death info, but also the default photo, relationships, and some additional one-line comments. This could feed the What's New section in an RSS feed. I'm envisioning something similar to my presentation (created in Keynote, but rendered to PDF) which i'm attaching here. Essentially large-font bullet points for a recently deceased person with a link at the bottom back to the TNG profile of that person. See the attachment for the presentation that I would like to replicate in TNG. What do you think, Darrin and others? Best, Gary   Tarvin_Honor_Roll_2014.pdf
  2. Firstly I would like to thank Erik Hoppe for providing his wonderful Open My Page Mod that allows logged in users to quickly connect to their individual page. This mod works as designed however it can be difficult for users to find as it at the bottom of the last header dropdown list (Info) For new users, the obvious place for them to start is at their own page and then navigate out from there. At the moment it can be difficult to navigate to their page as they firstly need to find the search tool and then they have to work out how it works. For some first time users these initial steps can be a big challenge in itself. Even with the My Page facility installed, all the items on the dropdown lists can be a little overwhelming and very few if any would be able to find it. Many regular users in general, like to think of their individual page as their home page, and it would be nice to have a facility to easily navigate there. My suggestions are that 1) this facility be part of all of the templates by default and 2) it should be positioned at a prominent position (preferably somewhere on the header) Thanks for your time, Merv whakapapaonline.com The Open My Page facility will not work for you if you are not a user on my site, so here is pic of what it would look like if you were...
  3. I'm new to TNG (V. 10) and am trying Template 9. I would like to have a "Historical Maps" category added to the left panel.  As some might know, for example, Sanborn Map Co. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanborn_Maps) published wonderful "fire maps" for 12,000 American communities over the course of a century. These can be downloaded as .pdf's at most major public libraries. They are very neat to attach to records: They show the "downtowns" the way that they used to be. It would be great to organize them into a single category. Just a thought.
  4. Hello, I noticed that when viewing a person record who has a same gendered spouse that it shows as "Married".  Might I suggest that you change this in the next release so that it says "partnered" rather than "married" if the gender of each partner is marked as the same and are not legally married?  Not all same-sex spouses are married to their partners but may have been together for long periods of time and are considered family. Thank you! Dan