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Found 105 results

  1. Does anybody have any experience with Symfony? I have a hunch there may be some people in this community that have some experience with it.  Symfony I have a test site online and have converted the statistics page based on the current TNG database. I am not very far along but so far I have been pleased with what can be done.
  2. Cailean

    GMail smtp fix

    Hi All, Getting back into the TNG game after many years away. After upgrading from v6 to v10, I ran into an issue where emails from the suggest tab (and I suspect any others) were not being sent. The email address I use is powered by GMail and requires SMTP.  Even when correctly filled out in the settings, I was getting errors.   After a little investigation and experimentation, it turns out that a single line of code was necessary to fix the problem... in tngmaillib.php, insert the following on line 23: $mail->SMTPSecure = "ssl";Obviously, it would be better to have this as an option in the config, but hard-coding it serves my purposes. I've seen some older posts dealing with similar mail errors, so I hope this helps someone.
  3. Hi, I am a fairly new user of TNG.  I am currently using the Census Plus International mod and I am getting the following problem. After I have imported the DOM and updated house numbers, I go to link IDs and for some people I get the following message "Event type ID matched census event found for person ID 47. Event type ID is 19 date is 3 Apr 1881 and Event ID is 6684 option to overlay location is set to :n" The first link is for Benjamin Waterfall, and this shows his family is 1881.  Even though I have linked all the family, the census information does not show up for his wife Christiana (2nd link) http://www.waterfall.name/getperson.php?personID=I5&tree=tree2 http://www.waterfall.name/getperson.php?personID=I42&tree=tree2 This occurs for the same person over multiple censuses. My question is how do I change this? Thank you in advance Nicola
  4. Bernard

    Change Language Droplist Mod

    With the Change Language Droplist Mod installed, the text on the menu is not aligned with the text labels of the other menu's. See the attached image. (template 12). How can I fix that ? Bernard
  5. Hi, I want to show only a selected set of random photo's on my homepage but the only way I managed to do that is a (SQL) selection on part of the title, description and/or filename. But I really want to select the photo's for this set. Maybe this can be done with an album, but how can I change the random photo code so it shows a predefined (selected) album?  I don't want to use a collection because it then shows up in the media menu and I don't like it there, Bernard