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Found 115 results

  1. Hi! Hopefully the right forum! It just occurred to me to ask if anyone has knowledge of how the event map maintains itself. I am currently adding my cemeteries as I find them. Some of them are very old, and I wonder if they are destroyed; will the event map be updated to the current goggle image... or will i still maintain the initial map image i geocoded? If it is updated, where perhaps is the best place to attach screenshots of the cemetery as it still exists? Thanks! Jeff
  2. Hi! I am now getting this panel warning when i do a search in admin for a cemetery==> Warning: include_once(showmodnames.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.../public_html/.../admin_cemeteries.php on line 304 Warning: include_once(): Failed opening 'showmodnames.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/opt/alt/php54/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php54/usr/share/php') in /home/.../public_html/.../admin_cemeteries.php on line 304 how should i fix the code in these PHP's? Thanks! Jeff
  3. This is driving me nuts so I'd appreciate some help. My site http://www.combedown.org/ has a family trees section at http://www.combedown.org/tng/index.php This has worked fine for years using Cees Kloosterman's method. It was fine Sunday and not working Monday. I cant work out why except that if I view source:http://www.combedown.org/tng/index.php I can see that the code is cut short: <body> <div id="art-main"> <div class="cleared reset-box"></div> then nothing............. All the codes just not there I can get some basic functionality If I lock the the template but please note that the site has never had the template locked before as suggested and still worked fine. Anyone got any ideas please?
  4. raisondetre

    Adding Sprite Icons

    I have uploaded a simple small image (Townhall) to the 'img' folder. I have read the Wiki instructions re 'Explanation tray of sprites but do not understand this step . . . Add the image to the larger sprites image (for example, tng_icon_sprites.gif, which holds all the public menu icons). How do I add the image into that gif that holds the sprites? I think I might be missing something simple but can't figure it out.
  5. I am working on Media in 11.02, template 14. Can anyone suggest a way to show the physical location as a field name for the list rather than the geocode location? I realize one can enter the location in the description field but it would be ever so neat to have a toggle switch for that field heading - or the option to change it in the template code. An actual 'place' in that column would make more sense to most of my 'audience'. Certainly NOT a high priority but I was wondering if anyone had made that change? MSB
  6. raisondetre

    Validating Code

    This validation error is not affecting the program but I am curious. <span class='st_facebook_hcount' displayText='Facebook'></span> When I use a validation tool on a .php, this error sometimes appears. When I check the .php file that generated it, I can't find any text that matches that. I did copy and paste a test paragraph from Wiki. Could it have been embedded there? Any ideas? Not a big issue but I wondered what caused that error. Thanks!
  7. The fields "_UID" and "_Color" show under the details for individuals. Can I hide these from public view? Just makes for viewers confusion, I think.
  8. Currently using a customized version of TNG's randomphoto.php on my homepage. Of course the photos change every time the homepage is reloaded, but was wondering if anyone has developed code enabling just the section of the random photo(s) to reload and not the entire page, at a set time interval, until the user performs an action on the page. Ron
  9. I have read TNG's Wiki entry: User Pages - Getting Started: http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/User_Pages_-_Getting_Started I have downloaded Dave Freeman's, Creating Extra Pages for Use in TNG, from 2007: Extra_Page_Template_Procedure.doc I have Notepad++ on my desktop ready to use. I have searched the forums using several keywords and cannot find specific instructions for a very novice coder. All that and I STILL don't know where to begin because I cannot find: historytemplate.php in my public_html folder. "Histories" are there but I cannot find any php file. I am using TNG V 11.0.1 and template 12. I am using Simply Hosting and can see my directory through cpanel access. At the moment, I am feeling newer than a newbie and feel I must be missing something simple. Usually I can follow directions well but adding a new page is defying me. I would appreciate help pointing me in the right direction . . . Thanks much, Margie B.
  10. I have problems with google maps. I have a google API code. This also introduced. But still will not start. What am I doing wrong? I use TNG 11:02
  11. ** RC1 for NearDark, NearDawn and the installer have been withdrawn. v10.1.0.2 for both templates and the installer are now available. ** Ever wanted to try a 'drop in' replacement for Template 8 that doesn't have all that visual clutter and hard to read fonts? I've just produced v10.1.0.2, release candidate 1 for the NearDark and NearDawn templates and pared them with a new installer that makes the templateconfig.php changes, folds in the menu bar changes that used to be provided by the Icon Gravity mod, and adds localized language files for Spanish (and Spanish-UTF8) Features: Surname clouds that can be controlled from the template configuration page. You can hide/show them and control the number of surnames. The "Mom's Side" and "Dad's Side" elements of the left menu can also be hidden or shown. "Scrolling Content" is a new feature that allows you to switch the main page between fixed height content columns that scroll, and non-scrolling columns that show all your content. (Template configuration page.) Internationalization - NearDark and NearDawn are now fully internationalized with Spanish support provided out-of-the-box as a test case. All New: I've created an installation mod called NearD Support that does all the installation work for you. Just unpack the templates in the TNG's template directory, unpack and install the mod and you should be good to go. One caution, once you start configuring the templates through their configuration page, NearD Support will complain about not being able to roll back the templateconfig.php changes (obviously). So pulling out the NearDark and NearDawn elements in templateconfig.php has to be done manually after the initial install. NearD Support folds in the changes to the menu bar that used to be provided by Icon Gravity. So no need to add that mod any longer. I'll also be adding more languages as I get assistance with the phrases. v10.1.0.2-rc1 of NearDark, NearDawn, and NearD Support should work for TNG 10.1.0 and later, but I've done most of my testing against TNG 11. You can see examples on the Wiki pages for NearDark and NearDawn, but these haven't been updated yet for the new features. If you give these a try, please let me know what you think. Thanks, Bill Herndon
  12. tngrlkrz

    Mobile and Standard Site Views

    TNG offers mobile users a 'switch' button at the bottom of each page (before the footer) to switch between standard and mobile views. I added Ken Roy's very useful Mobile Site Enhancement Mod to improve the mobile view appearance. It looked so good that i thought on occasion it would be nice to have that view available on the PC as well. However, I couldn't find a way to have that happen short of having a link which appends the '?sitever="mobile", and the the switch back to 'standard' appears, but the the switch again to 'mobile' button does not. So, I put the following code into my private Mod but wanted to share it anyone else finds it useful. The code is the same used to set mobile devices back to mobile from standard. Maybe there's another way or better code set the 'site' to mobile, but this works fine for me on all pages, and still works fine on mobile phones as well. I think maybe Darrin could add this code so the option is available on all devices. // modify genlib.php -- give ability to switch to mobile on a laptop %target:genlib.php% %location:% include($cms['tngpath'] . "stdsitecredit.php"); %end:% %insert:before% else { $thispage = getScriptName(false); $thispage = preg_replace('/\??\&?sitever=(mobile|standard|tablet)/',"",$thispage); $con = strpos($thispage, "?") == false ? "?" : "&amp;"; $gotover = "mobile"; $message = $text['switchm']; $footer .= "<p class=\"smaller center\">\n"; $footer .= "<a href=\"$thispage{$con}sitever=$gotover\" class=\"fieldnameback lightlink2 rounded4\">&nbsp;{$message}&nbsp;</a>\n"; $footer .= "</p><br/>\n"; } %end:% Ron TNG 11.0.2 http://www.kmtrees.com wampserver 2.5,legacy 7.5, family historian 6.2.2, win 10 pro
  13. All, I have published Simple SEO to my site and am hoping that some intrepid TNG users will help me beta-test this revision to the mod. This version internationalizes the family titles that appear on the Family Group, Family Chart, Suggest and Edit pages; supports internationalized titles in PDF reports; pushes those titles into page headers (in the same manner that simplified dates are added to individual pages); and supports family titles with, and without, IDs. That last feature is controlled by a mod parameter. The approach to localization of titles is a little novel. Since word order is important and is dictated by contemporary grammar, the mod uses PHP classes to provide translation and ordering. The impact is that adding a new language is achieved by adding a new subclass rather than by adjusting the language files. (So...you can't just change or override the chosen translation. Unless you want to modify some code.) I'm open to alternatives to this approach, but it seemed to be the easiest way to get what I wanted. The languages supported are: Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian, PortugueseBR, Spanish, and Swedish. I'll add any additional languages that I can get translations for. Thanks in advance for any assistance with the testing. I plan to publish the mod formally in about a week when I've completed the backport for TNG 10. k/r Bill Herndon
  14. I keep thinking I'm getting close to getting my TNG site fully working after 3 weeks of working on it, but then discover yet another problem. Here's one. I'm trying desperately to follow the directions for creating custom pages as shown on this page: http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/User_Pages_-_Getting_Started My custom pages work just fine until you try to follow almost any standard link from that page, and then my custom pages sub-directory is inserted into the URL. So, for example, a link on the page goes to http://roots.inforapenny.com/tng/newacctform.php from the home page or any non-custom page, but from any custom page, it wants to go down this path: http://roots.inforapenny.com/tng/mypages/newacctform.php I'm using v11.0.1, template 15, and my site is at http://roots.inforapenny.com/tng/ An example of a custom page is: http://roots.inforapenny.com/tng/mypages/kinshipchart.php The code at the top of another custom page is shown below (they all have the same basic code at the top and the same problem): <?php include( "../tng_begin.php"); if( !$cms['support'] ) $cms['tngpath'] = "../"; $yourtitle = "Privacy"; $yourlink = "/mypages/Privacy.php"; $logstring = "<a href=\"$mypages/Privacy.php\">Privacy</a>"; writelog($logstring); preparebookmark($logstring); //STEP 5: Remove the comments (leading slashes) on the next line if you *DON'T* want the TNG menu bar to show on your page. //$flags['noicons'] = true; tng_header( $yourtitle, $flags ); ?> Perhaps I should mention that I'm also hopelessly confused regarding the cust_text file and customconfig.php file and mods, but I think that's another issue, though it may not be. I'll also mention that I have a companion site in Wordpress, and I've installed, then deactivated, then reactivated the TNG Wordpress Integration plugin in that site, which I am also confused about, but I mention that here only in case there is some interference from that plugin (WP and TNG are each installed in their own folders at the root of the main directory; it looks like the TNG Wordpress Integration plugin added another instance of Wordpress also in the root of the main directory, though not in a subfolder thereof, as TNG and my initial Wordpress site are). OK, I hope this makes sense and that somebody can help me. TIA! Marilyn
  15. Hello all, Suppose you don't have a side-scrolling mouse or pad. Also suppose that you open a very wide and high descendants tree at a TNG site. Much wider and higher than your browser window. To see the rightmost top part of that tree, you first have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the tree to find the horizontal scroll bar. Then you have to scroll to the right and then scroll all the way up again. Maybe to find that you scrolled too far to the right... I have found a way to place scroll bars outside of the visible part of the tree, and adapt the visible part to the size of the browser window. You can see it in action here: (Make your browser only 1200-1300 pixels wide for a good "test environment") https://xerxx.se/descend.php?personID=I36&tree=tredNr2&display=standard&generations=8 If you scroll down with the right-most scroll bar, you will find that the box where the tree is displayed is a bit smaller than your browser window. And you will find a horizontal scroll bar below the box. So now you can scroll right-left without having to go to the bottom of the tree first. So far so good. However! If you hover any of the "more" arrows below the person boxes, the pop-up appears. But... That is only if you have not scrolled the tree in any direction: When you use the scroll bars, the pop-ups lose their orientation and appears at places you don't expect - often outside the visible part. (And that's even worse than having to scroll to the bottom.) So: Is there some coder out there who knows what to do and where, to give the correct coordinates to the pop-ups? I certainly can not do it... Unfortunately (Posted also at tngusers2) Thanks In Advance, Erik
  16. How to change front page photos and text for users with different tree ID assigned? I use tng v. 11.0.1 and Template15. Thanks in advance.
  17. I am getting the following error. Just started occurring one day. I had not done anything to the site. Occurs on accessing the site and can not proceed further. Not sure where to start any guidance appreciated. Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_register() in /home/hardyus/www/www/TNG/globallib.php on line 5. . Version 9 of TNG http://www.hardyus.com/history thanks Steve
  18. I would like to have the option (mod?) to select which data of living people should be visible on the site without users have to log-in. In TNG it isn't possible to show only the abbreviations of the name for living when not logged in as a user, What can I do to realize just that? Bernard
  19. Since TNG V11, I have a problem with the admin utilities menu, but only in the Dutch language, it doesn't show the first two columns [action] and [select] for backing up the files. When I change to the US language the problem is gone. The problem is caused by the Personal Table Maintenance mod v10.1.0.4 somehow. When I unistall this mod, the problem is gone and it works OK. When I unistall all my mod's and only install this mod (and put the translated textstring in cust_text.php) the problem is back. Please help Bernard
  20. SiEiNo

    Suggest tab . . . .

    Hi, After upgrading to TNG v11.0.0 the "Suggest tab" is missing. I've had several looks on my language files. The file "$text['suggest'] = "Suggest"; " is there - in Norwegian ("Forslag") files as well. My Sites language is set to Norwegian ISO-8859-1, both in Adm.section and the user interface. I've tried to change to English, but that gave no solution. But suddenly after having installed the mods 'Submit Photo/Document' and 'Submit Photo Tabs' the 'Suggest' tab could be seen taken the place of the 'Edit' tab. But this happens only when I use the 'Submit Photo/Document' tab. What happens / what can be done? ENo
  21. My menu icons don't give correct views. Any ideas . . . ? ENo
  22. After upgrade to version 11, the Family Chart won't work. Earlier I used the Family Chart Mod. ? ENo
  23. marcirish

    Mobile website issues

    Good Folks, My TNG website works wonderfully and has been modified to show things the way I want.  However, when I access the site on a mobile device (iPad or iPhone) I run into issues  The site loads just fine on the mobile devices but I after I select a person to view I have issues.  The person's individual information displays correctly but none of the links in the menu items or links in the person's record work.  Does anyone have any suggestions about how to debug this issue?  My website is: http://marcirish.com/genealogy/index.php Thanks in advance. Marc
  24. I've just released Citation Master v10.0.2.6 and v10.1.0.6 for TNG 10.0.2 - 10.1.3. The version includes code changes that disambiguate some duplicate functions in order to support compatibility with the Regroup Person Profile series of mods and other similar mods. I've also included some pale branding on source browsing page to help me to determine what versions are installed across the TNG community. v10.1.0.6 and v10.0.2.6 are suggested, but not required, updates for Citation Master. If, however, you never installed the version 5 functionality (v10.1.0.5 or v10.0.2.5), I recommend installing this update. As always, the Wiki page is here. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  25. Katryne

    Php 7 and ereg

    Hello ! My hosting provider 1&1 makes me upgrade the php version for my web site, unless I pay some extra 76€ per year. I had to choose between php 5.6 and 7 and selected php7 in order to keep safe for a while. All my websites do run correctly now under php7, or so I believed until TNG showed some difficulties (in editing a report in this example) because of some ereg functions which are obsolete since php5.3. So I ran HandyFileTools over my TNG backup and found 147 ereg and 141 split, that should be replaced. (I am sure for the ereg, not for the split.) I did manage in other cms to replace half a dozen ereg functions. Here is what I noted down (in French) 4 or 5 years ago when I used to make my websites compliant with php 5.3 : http://katryne.legtux.org/pages/023-fabriquer-le-web-passer-la-toise-du-php5-fr.php But I am no coder and do not dare such a huge fork of TNG. What advice can you give me ? Do you think I will encounter other problems than the report-editing issue ? Do you think that TNG should need some update concerning the new php compliance ? (Please, excuse my language, I may sound blunt, but English is not my mother tongue) Here is my web site (sorry, nearly every page is for members only) : http://clan.chauvigne.info/index.php or included in my main site : http://chauvigne.info/geneakat.php Thank you in advance for advice and help.