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Found 30 results

  1. BB

    Destination after TNG login

    I'm very new to TNG and still getting things set up. I'd had some difficulty with the integration (still sorting things out) but am currently using the Kloosterman method (no plugins).  After a user logs in to TNG, it's redirecting them to a page that's not using the WP theme (mydomain.com/genealogy/index.php). How do I get it to go to a different page within the WP install instead? Do I create a logged-in-user homepage for this, and somehow redirect them there from within TNG (feeding different information to login.php or processlogin.php perhaps -- I'd rather not modify core files if possible, for ease of future updates)? Thanks!
  2. I'm using TNG 10.1.2 with Wordpress 4.3 and the Kloosterman method for integration (not the double tags-thing yet) The search form on the home page and advanced search page do not work properly when searching with first names only. You can check it here (home page) and here (advanced search).  Try searching for 'jean' for example (no last name), and you'll get all people in the database as a result. Also, clicking on the page numbers at the result page, doesn't work. The quick search on the home page works though. This issue occured in previous versions of TNG also (from 10.x).   I've already tried: - replacing most TNG-files (except config and index files) with the fresh 10.1.2 ones; - updating Wordpress and my theme (Atahualpa); - double checking the Kloosterman configuration from his website and double checking my TNG configuration; but, no luck yet.   Any suggestions?
  3. Katryne

    Iframe versus Include

    Hello ! The cms I use is brand new, even in alpha version. It can run alright, but examples and feedback are near to non-existent. I am trying to integrate my TNG in the cms, calling it via an upper menu link. Here is the site : http://chauvigne.info/   with the menu links Geneakat (iframe : OK) and Geneatest  (include : KO) Sorry : very few pages of TNG are public, since it is set with login requirement. I managed this integration via an iframe in a page : http://chauvigne.info/geneakat.php. But I would prefer an integration via an include, such as I did with the gallery (link Documents : http://chauvigne.info/album.php ) But my include try  http://chauvigne.info/geneatest.php  is a failure, since it looks like the cms and TNG both use session management and members management with cookies. And I am lost, since I am really no coder. Here is the code I used for my include test file : <?php require_once("include/config.inc"); include(PATH_INC."hpage.inc"); htable("", "100%"); ?> <?php // tng integration START $path_to_tng = "mat/"; define("TNG_ROOT", $path_to_tng); require(TNG_ROOT . "index.php"); // tng integration END ?> <?php btable(); include(PATH_INC."bpage.inc");An advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I'm working on a WP-TNG site (http://www.thorinfamily.net) using a possibly untested theme (Sensible by modern themes.net). I feel like I am very close to getting everything to work right, but I am encountering just the slightest of difficulties. From my limited perspective and background, I would not assume that the issues I am facing are related to the theme. But I don't know much about these things. The issue is that the TNG pages appear totally unformatted, as if there is no CSS customization going on at all (I've tried moving the CSS files from TNG template 13 into the tng/css folder to no avail). Otherwise, the header and footer from the WP theme appear just fine (menu functionality and all). This can be confirmed by navigating to "Surname Index" under "What to See" (some of the links are not yet established and that's my fault; things [WP pages, etc.] are still under construction). At first the TNG pages were blank, but removing "wp();" from the WPTNG-topmenu.php fixed that as mentioned on other posts. But what might be causing the completely unformatted TNG pages? Thank you, JThorin P.S. I realize that clicking on the links for the TNG pages might bring you to a login.php screen, but the issue is apparent there too.
  5. JThorin

    Event Map Table Too Tall

    Hello again, Things are going well with my Kloosterman Method WP TNG install, in fact there is only one minor bug I have left to work out. If you navigate to one of the people on my site, you will see that the event map is rendering with way too much gray space below the map / above the events (I suspect the events are the culprit to the whole table appearing off as they are not displaying against the top of the table unlike other TNG sites I've seen). Does anyone know what the issue could be? Installing the Person_map_v9 mod did not reduce the extra gray space. I'll attach a picture of the issue below. JThorin