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Rob Verhoeff

Template9 issue

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Rob Verhoeff

Hello all,

I had to restore my database and now in the template settings of template9 I have a copple of extra fields for the language in the template:

  • Main title: ()
  • Header subtitel: ()
  • Welcome headline: ()
  • Dad's Side label: ()
  • Mom's Side label: ()
  • Welcome paragraph: ()
  • Features paragraph: ()
You can see what I mean in the picture (marked yellow). I had to adress the English language again because it would not change on the homepage. How can I get rid of these lines? Anyone? If you need a login, send me a PM and I will give you that for the time being.

I also attached a larger image as an example.

IPB Image

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Rob Verhoeff

After a clean install no issue anymore.

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