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don't know where this came from, never saw it before today, using Google Chrome, i think it's happening when i do a search for persons in my database & then go do something else & come back & hit the back button, i'm getting this message a lot now, i just click the back button a couple of times & it brings me back to the last person i was working on, not back to my search. anyone have any idea why i'm getting this, i'm afraid users of my website may be seeing this also & don't have a clue what to do, thanks

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If anyone of you still facing this problem then this is for you!

I understand your problem. This happens because of weird chrome back button function. Its code is written that way. If you are familiar with php then try using these methods.

  • Post/Redirect/Get
  • -disable-prompt-on-repost on google chrome Target
  • no-store in header

depending on your requirement you can use the steps above. For detailed information on how to fix this error, you might find the reference below useful. Hope this works.­čśÇ

Source: Confirm Form Resubmission


Results PHP.PNG

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