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An annoying screen problem with php-nuke & TNG (need Hel

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I have an annoying screen problem with my Php-nuke and tng.

Now I know it is not just TNG but something that has to do with the php-nuke running TNG. TNG runs perfect without the php-nuke.

If I go straight into a getperson screen the first time I load my browser I get all the data but NO field names, even the tab field names are missing. The only exception to this is the Custom created event field names will show up.



Ted (WIfe's nickname for him)

27 JAN 1850 Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Stafford, England

Should be

Title Captian

Nickname Ted (WIfe's nickname for him)

Birth 27 Jan 1850 Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Stafford, England

If you Refresh the screen it will fix it, but the first load the field names are missing.

I am using the php-nuke add-on 1.8.2

Things I have tryed....

Putting the English and eng directiories in the php-nuke root.

Putting an include line to php-nukes lang file to include the english/text.php

If you would like to see what it is doing use this link to directly Captian E.J. Smith's page and you should see what I am talking about.


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Well I can see it fine, checked with IE 6 and Firefox.

Have you tried emptying your local cache ?

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I don't think the Cache is the trouble, I have had this trouble for years now. And have even re-installed Windows during that time.

I thik the trouble is, if you go striaght to the page, without going to some others, it does not read the TEXT.PHP file in English. As those are what seem to be missing.

The same happens to the Index, before I just added the Text normally.

It works on the index, without the PHP-Nuke, just not with the PHP-Nuke.

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OK I actually after all this time solved my own problem, but thought I would share the solution in case others are having the same troubles.

Copy the text text.php in the English Directiory and place it in the lang-english.php in the languages directory.

I am not sure why I had not do this before, maybe because the two files don't look the same format, but that does not seem to matter, what matters is it works now.

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