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Portal Software Recommendation Needed

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Chambers Family Ancestry

Hi everyone. I would like to add a User Portal for my genealogy website front end to tie in all the applications I'm using. TNG will need to be the point of focus. I need a recommendation for Portal software.

I will be running the following software on my host server:

1. TNG v. 9.x

2. Lazarus Guestbook

3. A forum - unknown at this time

4. Newsletter

5. various ebooks in PDF

6. Web calendar

7. Maian Recipe

8. and lots of other rich content.

My goal would be to provide a central place or starting point (a Portal) for users to tie in all the applications available to them and allow the user to create and manage some personal content such as genealogy research notes etc.

Any recommendation would be appreciated.

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I suspect responses would be dependent on user experience. For myself, I'd highly recommend WordPress. While it doesn't have Lazarus Guestbook, it does have some very good guestbook plugins, and just about everything else is also available as plugins -- including BuddyPress, a most excellent forum.

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There are many ways to do this.

The best way depends on your coding skills and also whether you require the user to login to access some of the other applications (e.g., Forum). If the forum requires a login in order to post (as most forums do), then you want to have one login fits all (in other words, you want a user to login once and then be able to get access to all apps that require a login). In most cases, your user base won't have to login to TNG. So, TNG doesn't need to be integrated with whatever solution you choose.

As pointed out by Heather, Wordpress is one way to accomplish this. There is a plugin on the Wordpress site for integrating TNG into Wordpress: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tng-wordpress-plugin/ But from what I have read this plugin can result in website performance issues. As previously mentioned, you don't need this plugin unless you need to have your users login to Wordpress without having to additionally login to TNG.

An alternative to Wordpress with far greater capability is Joomla. However, there is no integrator (bridge) available for the most current editions of TNG and Joomla. This means you can't login once. However, you could still link to TNG from Joomla and then login to TNG (if required - which most people won't need to do).

Wordpress is, however, easier to setup and use than Joomla.

If your coding skills are good then you could create something really nice with CodeIgnitor. CodeIgnitor provides the basic framework of a CMS (mostly the login part) and you have to code the rest (e.g, the mechanisms to integrate your apps.

Lots to think about.

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please let someone write a plugin for the full integration of the cis 9, and Joomla 2.5

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