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How To Ask for Help

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If you are posting to request help on a problem with a TNG site, you can help those who might take their time to help you by making sure to include the following in your request:

1 - a clear description of the problem

2 - the URL to your site. Make sure to start it with http:// or https:// as applicable, so that the forum will automagically make it a clickable link - https://tng.community is easier than tng.community

3 - provide a direct link to a page on your site that demonstrates the problem - copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the post

4 - if your site requires log in to see anything, in particular the page in quesion, make sure you post a UserID and password that will let people see the page

5 - identify the version of TNG used on the site.

Items 2-5 will at least avoid the most common response to a plea for help, which is for someone to have to then ask you any/all of Questions 2-5 before they can proceed.


6 - report the problem only once in the forum that is most appropriate for your problem - multiple posts in different forums just confuse the issue and those trying to help.


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