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Unlimited Multi-Page Pedigree...PDF Creation

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Normal TNG Pedigree charts link left and right to navigate multiple levels of generations (nav'ing one generation left or right at a time). I would like to setup something so that I could select an individual, go to Ancestors, select unlimited generations, where more than X number of generations would automatically trigger a multi-page Pedigree Chart with X number of generations max on each page...then have PDF link available with unlimited capability to print these chart pages like other genealogy programs have.

I thought surely this question would have been asked and addressed long ago, but did not find any references to it on the help file, Webmasters Guide, or forum.

For descendants, I was able to find the code areas to change the maximum generations allowable, to change the default limit for displaying the PDF link when generations number is changed, and generations maximum selectability for the PDF Generator. Not so for ancestors however (except maximum displayable usable for Ahnentafel). If I use high numbers in box or standard, I get an internal server error.

Suggestions anyone :?:


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