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Death Certificate - Cause of Death: Deferred 4201

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I was looking at some death certificates and came across one that I didn't quite get and hopefully someone else might an answer.

Looking at an Ohio death certificate from 1951 it reads:

Cause of death: Deferred

Antecedent cause: 4201

No Autopsy

No Homicide, Suicide, Accident or Injury information listed.

I kind of get the Deferred as listed for cause of death. From my understanding, this is listed if further investigation is required. The antecedent cause as 4201 is cryptic. I did the old Google thing, but didn't find any explanation for the code.

If the cause of death was deferred, one would think there would be an autopsy at least.

By the way, I found a cool site (which is probably old news for most), it gives all the death certificate images in Ohio (at least in Northern Ohio where I'm looking) from 1908 to 1953. Huge bonus for my research. It covers other areas also... http://search.labs.familysearch.org/


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