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How did you hear about TNG?

How did you hear about TNG?  

362 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • HotScripts
    • Cyndi's List
    • Word of mouth
    • Saw another TNG site
    • Search engine
    • Dick Eastman
    • Genealogical Computing Magazine
    • Other

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I was talking to people on Legacy Family Tree forum and a member told me about it.  I was looking for a way to show my family all that I had found.

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I was originally a user on WikiTree, but after being stabbed in the back and my profiles being changed by members who weren't even related to me, the search was on for another software package. I found Visual and Vista, which worked well (110%) for editing, behind the scenes, but needed something that could be used for presentation. TNG won the day.

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