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What is the procedure for isntalling TNG with phpNuke?

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I think I may have gone about this incorrectly, which is creating a few problems for me.

I first installed TNGv7 into it's own directory called "genealogy".

I then installed phpnuke7.6 in the root directory.

I then installed the NukeTNG0.3 add-on to bridge the two scripts. That was placed in the "modules" directory of phpnuke with the directory called NukeTNG.

The directory structures are:




Some problems developed such as images not showing up. I had to create a directory inside genealogy called "images" and place a copy of all the images into it for the images to work when calling TNG7.0 from within PHPNuke7.6

Another issue is the header of my TNG7 not displaying correctly which is called from the .css.....the table cells are not displaying the background images which are called via .css. I'm not sure how to resolve that one other than to hard code it into the topmenu.php...which I shouldn't have to do (I wouldn't think).

Did I install TNG7.0 into the wrong directory to get it to work without any hitches with phpnuke 7.6? Should it be more like

home/user/public_html/myancestrypage/modules/genealogy :?:

Any help greatly appreciated.

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