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PHPNuke 7.6 Patched and TNG Image Display Problems

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I don't know how to fix this.

When I view TNG on it's own, outside the CMS PHPNuke 7.6 Patched, TNG works nicely.

I'll try to give you as much info as I can....

phpNuke 7.6 Patched from nukecode.com, upgraded the forums to 2.0.23.

"Chronicles" theme pack for phpnuke with Template 3 for TNG (the green one, I think it's #3)

phpNuke bridge: From the readme.txt:

nukeTNG 0.3 add-on module
Written by Nicholas B. Flint

which I got from TNG's download page (it was the only phpnuke bridge listed that I could find).

What's happening is when I click the link for the module "genealogy", it goes to the TNG login page even though I am already logged into phpnuke AND have the "Require Login" setting in TNG admin panel set to "NO"....but that's another issue. I'll ask about that in another topic...my main issue here is with images.

The login page displays the header image just fine, but once you log in, the images get "broken"...their URL is like this:

When TNG is viewed on it's own as a stand-alone web page, it's fine. I can't figure out why the images are being referenced to such a strange URL...when it should be something like this:

or even

Why it's sticking in the "index.php" is what I can't figure out.

Maybe one of you brainiacks know.

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Well, what I ended up having to do is create a directory called "images" inside the genealogy directory and uploading a copy of all the images to it, which fixed it.

The problem I'm having now is probably something to do with .css The header is not showing the background image for the table cells, which is driven by .css, so that's my next point of research.

Also, is anyone using nukeTNG 0.3 add-on module Written by Nicholas B. Flint? He doesn't support this via email anymore and his "support forums" is at his page mentioned in the readme.txt has no users or posts in the forums. :shock: His last post here about it was 2 years ago.

I'm trying to get this so that a person doesn't have to be logged into phpnuke to be able to access the genealogy section and it's forcing a log in.

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