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TNG v7.0 Now Available

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Per the tngusers list:

Hi everyone,

This is to announce that TNG v7.0 is now available for download. To get the upgrade from v5 or v6, just go back to your previous TNG downloads page (http://tng.lythgoes.net/downloads5 or http://tng.lythgoes.net/downloads6 and look for the PayPal and RegSoft buttons there. The cost for the upgrade is $12.99 (full price is now $29.99). There is no direct upgrade from v4 or earlier. To upgrade from one of those versions, you must first upgrade to v5 or v6.

To see a list of all the major changes made in v7, please visit this link:


A few notes:

- On the new Help screens, you may notice a link to the "TNG Wiki" (link: http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki). My v7 testers have put a small amount of initial content there, but it is by no means complete. Please feel free to contribute to this new resource.

- If you are using the UTF-8 character set on your site, you will also need to download and install the "PDF fonts for UTF-8" from the "TNG Extras" section on the downloads page in order for your PDF charts to print correctly. For everyone else, this is unnecessary.

- A full French version 7 has been posted, but the Help files have not yet been translated into French. A full Dutch version 7 has not yet been posted. The upgrade readme files have not been translated into any language other than English. If English is not your primary language, just use the English upgrade, then also remember to download the latest language packs for your primary language.

- Please remember to follow the instructions! The upgrade has been made a little simpler, but the *most* common source of trouble with an upgrade is *still* failure to follow instructions. Don't forget the backup part at the beginning!

That is crucial this. Also, if things don't look right at first, remember to clear your cache (aka "private data" or "temporary internet files") and refresh. That's the second biggest cause of upgrade trouble. :)

- If you bought TNG 6 or the upgrade to TNG 6 any time in 2008, you are due for a free upgrade to v7. To get the free upgrade, you must download the software sometime in the next 6 months. I have already sent out the download information to anyone who may be in that category, so check your mailbox, then ask me if you still don't see it..

- Assuming all goes well, in a few days I will also send a note about the new version to all TNG users, whether they're on a list or not, so please excuse any duplication there.

- If (heaven forbid) you find a bug or think you've found a bug, please notify me directly at darrin@lythgoes.net.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed in any way to this release, especially the testers, and especially Ken Roy, Roger Moffat, Steve Overton, Wendel Voigt, Walter Schultz, Henny Savenije, Thomas Valley, Eddy Belew, Chad Bouldin, John Barker, Robert Hale, Paul Kelly and Bret Rumsey. I feel confident in saying that they were very thorough. Thanks also to those who have already contributed translations for v7. If you can translate the new messages in any of the other languages TNG supports, please let me know. I will also grant free upgrades to anyone who contributes in that manner, but please notify me first before you start working on it.


Darrin Lythgoe

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