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SQL error in showphoto.php

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I am experiencing a display problem when a photo link on an individual page is called.

Immediately after the photo is displayed on the page, I am get the following:

Cannot execute query: SELECT photolinks.ID, photolinks.personID as personID, people.living as living, people.branch as branch, families.branch as fbranch, families.living as fliving, people.lastname as lastname, people.lnprefix as lnprefix, people.firstname as firstname, people.suffix as suffix, nameorder, altdescription, altnotes, photolinks.gedcom, familyID, people.personID as personID2, wifepeople.personID as wpersonID, wifepeople.firstname as wfirstname, wifepeople.lnprefix as wlnprefix, wifepeople.lastname as wlastname, wifepeople.suffix as wsuffix, husbpeople.personID as hpersonID, husbpeople.firstname as hfirstname, husbpeople.lnprefix as hlnprefix, husbpeople.lastname as hlastname, husbpeople.suffix as hsuffix FROM photolinks LEFT JOIN people AS people ON photolinks.personID = people.personID AND photolinks.gedcom = people.gedcom LEFT JOIN families ON photolinks.personID = families.familyID AND photolinks.gedcom = families.gedcom LEFT JOIN people AS husbpeople ON families.husband = husbpeople.personID AND families.gedcom = husbpeople.gedcom LEFT JOIN people AS wifepeople ON families.wife = wifepeople.personID AND families.gedcom = wifepeople.gedcom WHERE photoID = "36" ORDER BY lastname, lnprefix, firstname, hlastname, hlnprefix, hfirstname


Running this query directly in phpMyAdmin the following message is given:

MySQL said:

#1052 - Column: 'nameorder' in field list is ambiguous


MySQL version 4.0.20-standard

It first appeared when I updated to 4.1.0 from 4.0.7. I did a complete new install of 4.1.0 using a 4.0.7 GEDCOM backup and still have the problem from the first photo import.


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