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TNG Nuke Unable to save configuration

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I just setup TNG (http://www.lythgoes.net/genealogy/software.php) along with the PHP Nuke integrator.

When trying to save configuration from the setup.php file I get the following error messages. I suspect either file permissions (though have set them according to instructions), error in the path, or something with the safemode issue. Hopefully it's a small problem but need help - I'm completely stuck here

Warning: file(): Unable to access /nuke/modules/Genealogy/admin/genlog.txt in /home/breimo60/public_html/nuke/modules/Genealogy/admin/adminlog.php on line 9

Warning: file(/nuke/modules/Genealogy/admin/genlog.txt): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/breimo60/public_html/nuke/modules/Genealogy/admin/adminlog.php on line 9

Warning: array_unshift(): The first argument should be an array in /home/breimo60/public_html/nuke/modules/Genealogy/admin/adminlog.php on line 14

Cannot open /nuke/modules/Genealogy/admin/genlog.txt

Any ideas ??

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Altough the path in the error message seemed correct, I discovered that the file "logconfig.php" (copied and renamed from the EXAMPLE-logconfig.php that came from the tngnukeaddon-1.5 was setting the following path by defalt:

$adminlogfile = $rootpath . "modules/Genealogy/admin/genlog.txt";

By changing the path to:

$adminlogfile = $rootpath . "admin/genlog.txt";

everyting seems to be working fine.

Insted of editing the .php file, I might have acheived the same thing if I had entered and adjusted "Log Settings" in the configuration panel of TNG before i entered "General Settings"(??). Wont bother to find out, since it's now working and I intend to play as little as possible with working settings:).


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