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How do users get help from, or communicate with, TNG?

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Darrin Lythgoe

TNG/User Help and Communication

Help and communication between TNG and the user is typically handled by one or more of the following options – listed in order of significance:

Tngusers Mailing List

Notices pertaining to software updates, security problems, and other issues are sent by e-mail to the tngusers mailing list. You may subscribe to the tngusers mailing list by sending an empty message (no subject or content) to tngusers-subscribe@lythgoes.net. You can unsubscribe by sending an empty message to tngusers-unsubscribe@lythgoes.net. Note: If you do not subscribe to either of the mailing lists, you should periodically check the TNG Forum for announcements that may be of interest to you.

TNG Forum

This forum can be accessed at http://www.tngforum.us. All users are advised to check this forum when they have an interest in a particular forum/sub-forum category. The forum is surfed daily by both new and experienced users, some who may have experienced similar problems and already listed solutions.

If you register, you can submit your own questions, comments, and ideas/suggestions for future software upgrades. Caution: For comments and suggestions about the TNG Forum itself you should contact the administrator, Gustave Dahl, by sending a message to gustave@simplyhosting.net.

Tngusers2 Mailing List

For more informal discussions between TNG users, there is a second mailing list for those who prefer to communicate by e-mail. To subscribe to this list, send an empty message to tngusers2-subscribe@lythgoes.net. Note: This mailing list has hundreds of users. You should subscribe only if you are want to stay abreast of ALL user interchanges (that can get complex at times) and are willing to receive 15-25 e-mail messages each day.

If you have subscribed, you can post your own message by sending an e-mail to tngusers2@lythgoes.net. USERS SUBSCRIBED TO THIS MAILING LIST ARE ENCOURAGED TO COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES:

Messages should benefit the group as a whole or ask for general advice.

Use a concise but descriptive subject line to help users who may search the e-mail archive for help at a later date.

Do not post TNG software suggestions unless directly relevant to a group problem/issue being discussed.

Do not address specific questions directly to another user or myself (Darrin).

Do not ask for receipt acknowledgement since the e-mail is sent to hundreds of users.

Once the issue is resolved, consider adding the problem/solution to the TNG forum to help the many users who rely on the forum for help.

The messages submitted to the tngusers2 mailing list are maintained in an archive that is available to users who have subscribed. Search the TNG Forum for Tngusers2 E-mail Archive for additional detail on using the archive.

To unsubscribe, send an empty message to tngusers2-unsubscribe@lythgoes.net.

Direct Contact with a tnguser2 Mailing List User

If subscribed to the tngusers2 mailing list, you will undoubtedly receive messages that elicit specific questions about your application that you believe the sender might be able to help you with. That is, a question PERTAINING TO YOUR APPLICATION BUT not of general interest to the group as a whole. In this case, please send the question directly to the sender of the message rather than to the entire mailing list.

Direct Contact with Me (Darrin Lythgoe)

If you can’t resolve your questions/problems/issues using the above options, if you have a crisis that can’t wait, or if you have identified a TNG software bug, please contact me directly by sending a message to darrin@lythgoes.net.

To help me help you more quickly, please provide the following information:

Descriptive subject (e.g., don’t use “HELP ME” as a subject).

Description of problem/issue with symptoms where appropriate (help me repeat the problem).

Actions already taken and results.

Identify version of TNG you are using.

Identify the desktop program you import from (if applicable).

Identify your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, ……).

For follow-up questions, ensure your reply keeps the same subject and includes the original message (with all headers).

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