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Herewith updated CFG file, with Marco's Dutch translation & Graham's bug fixes.

Just to clarify, the strings $text['sortedalpha'] and $text['totalnames' didn't need to be added to cust_text.php, these were already defined in and should have been picked up from the existing text.php file but for me mis-spelling 'forename' on line 2 of the forename-all.php file!!

EDIT : Download updated to on 17th Feb 2013 (thanks again to Graham for more bug spotting)


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Teresa Goatham

Thanks for this mod.

I have recently downloaded and installed it but 2 of the bugs Graham reported are still there in version

They are:

forenames-all.php (line 69)

{$text['mainsurnamepage']} needs replacing with {$text['mainforenamespage']}


forename-all.php (lines 71)

{$text['mainsurnamepage']} needs replacing with {$text['mainforenamepage']}



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I integraded this addon succesfully.Thanks for all the work.

I have one question.

I use it for a Dutch site and the addon does take the "VAN" part with it in the first names count.

So for example it list the first names as follows:

* Jan (30)

* Cornelis (28)

* Arij (25)


* van Jan (10)

* van Cornelis (8 )

Of course I would like it to add the "van Jan" number to the Jan number.

Is there a solution for this?

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