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Tng nuke addon problem

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Hi have i problem eftir i followed the instructions. if i use the phpnuke admin to acces genology i get this error

""You can't access this file directly... i""

And if i use index-nuke.html i get this error

""Log In\n"; if( $currentuser ) echo "

Logout: " . $currentuser . "\n"; } ?> Advanced Search\n"; ?> Surnames\n"; ?> Family Trees\n"; ?> Photos\n"; ?> Histories & Documents\n"; ?> Photos & Histories for Ancestors of [Person]\n"; ?> Cemeteries & Headstones\n"; ?> Reports\n"; ?> Sources\n"; ?> What's New\n"; ?> Access Log\n"; ?> ""

Im using phpnuke 6.9 and tng-nuke addon 1.3 on a win2003 iis6 can anybody help me wit this proplem

my php settings can bee seen here

php settings

and my phpnuke is php-nuke web page

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I found out it was in the config file it was set to postnuke insteaf og phpnuke smile.gif

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