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Trying to grasp the difference(s) between TNG's media Categories and Albums


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  • TNG 14.0.4

Hello, folks,

When I add media to my TNG site, I am given the choice of placing media items into Categories (either the categories that come with TNG, or I can create new categories to put the media in).  I understand that, and have been using categories for years.

But TNG also has something called Albums, which I have never used before (and know absolutely nothing about :mrgreen:).  I don't mean external albums (such as X3 and Piwigo, etc.), but TNG's built-in albums.

Can anyone who uses both explain briefly the differences between categories & albums, and how they're used, please?

If anyone who uses both AND has an open site (in other words, does not require logging-in to see items in their site's categories and albums)... that would be great.

Thank you in advance & have yourselves a great day.



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I used to use Albums a long time ago, but I found they were too difficult to maintain, since I imported my data into TNG from my external genealogy software (Family Historian) and Albums are a non-GEDCOM structure, that is to say they only exist in TNG and can't be imported or exported. A bit like the Cemeteries in TNG, they only exist in TNG. So I spent a lot of time maintaining media in TNG that got wiped when I reset my tree.

My take on it is that Media Categories define what sort of document the media represents - is it a photo, a certificate, a census, or so on. By grouping them into categories it makes them easier to search.

An Album in my experience is centered around a particular person or subject. So you can have all the photos of a particular person in an album. Or all photos taken in California in another album. Or all photos of a particular family in another album. You can have the Albums 'free floating' so they can contain whatever you want and they will appear in the Album link n the Media drop-down menu, or you can link the Album to a Person, or a Place (or other things like Sources) so that they appear on the appropriate pages, for example the getperson page of an individual.

Hope that helps a bit! Cheers, Adrian

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5 minutes ago, ADC said:

Hope that helps a bit! Cheers, Adrian

That makes perfect sense.  Thanks, Adrian.

I understand, too, why you don't use TNG's albums anymore.  In my case, I do not import any media from Legacy into TNG... I never figured out how to do that over the past 2 decades :mrgreen:, so I'm happy doing everything media-related in TNG itself.

Thanks again & have a great day.

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Here, on my site, are 2 examples of the use of an album :

- All medias concerning Serge Chauvigné, photos & documents, either linked to his person or to his family : https://clan.chauvigne.info/showalbum.php?albumID=4

- All photos that I found in an old ... leather photos album, wether they are family or not : https://clan.chauvigne.info/showalbum.php?albumID=3

 Note that I'm not used to it, I'm just starting with the albums to try and understand their advantage. There are several ways to display albums, including a slideshowI.

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I think those are two very good example of how to use an Album, Katryne. They group together a collection of Media that would otherwise not have a coherent place to be displayed.

In my opinion, the Media sections of a person profile page have improved quite a lot over the years. Therefore Albums have maybe been used less these days for photographs of individual people, since those photographs can be displayed neatly on a profile page. However, others may disagree and get much more use out of them.

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