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Hello everyone,
For some time now, when I log in, the page "This site is not working at the moment" appears.
After I remove the last part of the address https://ahnenklein.com/processlogin.php, I see everything and am logged in.

This is for every user:
For testing: TNG-Test, password: TNG-Test

I hope you know a solution?!?!?!

Note: The problem does not occur on my test site!!!
(same login)

funktioniert nicht.png

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The HTTP 500 Error isn't much help as it just means general server-side error, although it generally implies a programming error.

The Login button on your test site redirects to your normal site for a login, so you have some set-up issues there.

If you use a number of Mods, I would suggest they are the first place to look. Check that your server PHP and TNG versions are compatible. Did the error start appearing after a particular update or change you made, or mod installed or updated? Have you checked the error log on your hosting site, which might give you more idea about what is throwing the error in the first place?

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Hello Adrian,
I took a look at the error log.
It was really a mod that caused problems.

Thanks for the tip

It was the Connections Counter mod.
He probably doesn't get along with the separate visitor counter...

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