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How TNG Creates Sources/Citations

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Hi all,

I'm still new, but have been doing a ton of reading of the forum and Wiki, and managed to get most of my newbie issues resolved. I need some help on the next item on my to-be-resolved list. 

Can someone point me toward documentation about how TNG compiles sources? I'm sure it has to do with the relationships among TNG, GEDCOM, and RootsMagic but I can't find the info so I can work it all out.

I use RootsMagic as my main research database and want to continue with that (although if someone has a strongly felt reason another genealogy software is a better match with TNG, I'd love to hear about why).

I initially enter and organize everything in RootsMagic and do any updates to information there. I have all my work extensively documented in RootsMagic sources/citations. However, the end results after GEDCOM import into TNG isn't exactly correct.

It looks like TNG calls Sources - Sources but calls Citations - Pages?

I'm getting weirdly formatted sources/pages after import with the correct info in TNG but it's in a different order and not labeled as I had inputted it.

I'm happy to re-format my RootsMagic sources/citations to accommodate TNG quirks, but I can't figure out where the fields/labels, etc. live within TNG

For example, if I try to create a new Source in TNG, I don't see how or where I would put and/or link the appropriate citation information.

Any insight into the source/citations methodology for TNG would be much appreciated.

(PS: Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. who celebrate)


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