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Pictures: Showing Up or Not To Be Showing Up, That Is The Problem

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AD-6 SkyRaider

So I'll be playing clean-up from the install for a long time. All my media didn't get transferred though the GEDCOM, of course. So I am going back and editing the media. 
I upload the correct image. Sometimes it works. I look at the individual's data and the image is there and everything in hunky-dory
But some I load, doing everything the same, media in the same format and comparable size,  but it doesn't show up or I get an error.
And another will only show up if I click on it.
I've logged out and refreshed. Haven't tried it from another browser yet but still.
Is it just glitchy? Does it take time?


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Check how is the media file is written. There should not be any space or accent in it. Only digits, letters and the signs - and _ And the only dot just before the extension. Sometimes, I am stuck with the issue you describe, jusque because a very tiny space is between 2 letters, and I had not seen it.

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