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S. O'Neil

Getting Started with Mods

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S. O'Neil


I'm planning a design overhaul of my website along a template change and finally experimenting with mods.  The list below is the mods are interested in.  As you can see this is really ambitious, and I was to ask for some general advice about starting mods such as:  can I install mods one after another or should I wait a little and test the website after I install a mod?  Should I perform a back-up before I install each mod or can I install a series of mods between back-ups?.  Also welcome any other general information of advice. - Sean 


  • Comments
  • Ancestor Map
  • Person Map
  • Office viewer
  • Age at Marriage
  • Relationship to display
  • Family group worksheet
  • Cousins
  • Divorce
  • Event Map
  • Add Children
  • Family Preview Mod
  • Google Maps Cemetery Message
  • Grave Status Additions
  • Open My Page
  • Shown Children Spouses
  • Show Stepparents
  • Submit photos mod
  • Watermark
  • Who is online
  • Wikipedia link mod

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First, I would say Mod Manager is incredibly robust and does a great job at protecting TNG while deploying mods. 

 I would have a full backup or server system restore available before you begin. You should be able to load all the mods files and folders into Mod Manager via your designated 'mods' folder. It will let you know if they are OK to Install.  Since each mod of interest delivers specific results, you could install one at a time , then observe  that the mod is giving you the intended result you wish to see.  Then proceeding on to the next in turn.  Also, some mods have specific edit options for you to choose.  Also, it is always advised to read the mod's wiki article.  Note that a few mods have sequence dependencies, i.e., may have to be install before or after another mod or mods. You can have periodic backups, but you should not have to have a backup between each install. 

Alternatively, you could install all at once with Mod Manager's group or batch option.  But then all the new changes to your system will be muddled together making result analysis a perhaps a bit overwhelming.

But it you should have to restore a backup, ensure it is complete; i.e., that both the TNG folders and Mod folder files are restored, because the mods control what changes have been made to active TNG files. Otherwise errors will result in Mod Manager, and may require restoring to the first backup before any mods were active.

Remember that if you decide to not use an installed mod, you must first  Uninstall before using the Delete.   I usually feel a good final test of my mods  is to do an Uninstall of all mods and then reinstall all mods successfully..

Of course if you are able to have a local versus online setup, it does make everything safer and quicker to accomplish.    



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Ken Roy

I would add the following to Ron's instructions.  You should always download a copy of the full install zip file that matches your TNG version when you do an upgrade so that you can always recover the TNG files to their state before they are modified.

You should also be aware that some of the mods you list above were written by TNG users who are no longer active and no longer in a position to support the mods they developed.

Edited:  You should add the Prolog Mod  to you list of mods.  It is essential for debugging if some thing goes wrong

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S. O'Neil

Thank you all for your feedback!

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