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Problem Creating Reports


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I'm having trouble creating reports (I'm running version v.13.0.2 at https://montgomeryhoffmann.com/wp/genealogy), and I'm not sure if the issue is user error or something else. I've attached screenshots of the parameters I used (just testing something very basic; ). When I click Save and Stay, all the parameters are removed, and the report basically pulls everyone from my database. What am I doing wrong?

It does seem that the SQL functionality works, so I can usually paste in SQL code others have posted here and have that save, but I don't know enough to create reports on my own using SQL.Image 4.jpgImage 5.jpg



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I think there may have been a bug in a previous version with the Save + Stay.  If you click Save + Exit, I believe it saves correctly and the parameters stick.  Another option is to upgrade to the latest version of TNG 13.1.2 which works for your example report case.


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Hmm, I've upgraded to 13.1.2, then created a new report with the same "Megan" parameters, and did Save + Exit. When I open the report, none of my parameters are saved, and the SQL area is blank on that screen, but when I actually run the report, it seems to be pulling in a random SQL statement that I didn't enter. I did just do an upgrade to 13.1.2, not a full upload, so I don't know if that would make a difference. 

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