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Search engines and a multilingual TNG site


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Does anybody have experience on optimizing  a multilingual TNG site for search engine crawlers? I have a site with Dutch and English versions and family in Netherlands and Canada. So I want to show English pages in google.com and google.ca and Dutch pages in google.nl .   https://developers.google.com/.../international-overview... provides an overview for site owners. I do not think TNG has already adapted to this. Basically, you need to inform the SE crawler about different language versions and (perhaps even geo areas) of your site. I do manage several trees that span different continents and languages. Since the language is encoded in a cookie, it is not exposed in a sitemap file for example. A quick fix would be to have language versions available in a parameter in the URL mode in addition to using the session cookies. But perhaps there are other options
I think that TNG currently serves different content based on the browser language settings.
Quote from same site:

How Google crawls locale-adaptive pages

If your site has locale-adaptive pages (that is, your site returns different content based on the perceived country or preferred language of the visitor), Google might not crawl, index, or rank all your content for different locales.

Multilingual and International Site Topics | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers
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     Darrin has TNG set up that if you pass the language in on the sitemap to have those main content pages that are fully dual language that TNG will return "Sorry" and stop rendering the page.  So your first step is going to have to be to write to Darrin explaining that you want to use the sitemap to have the index page and whatever history pages be able to be indexed by Googlebot in the correct language for the content.  The Google site that you referenced indicates that the content pages really do not need to be in both languages and can be indexed in your default language, since it is the template that is translated.  After Darrin has made the change to allow pages to be indexed by Googlebot with the language string passed in the URL and you have upgraded to that version, then you just need to add to your site index the language information for those pages as described in the "Tell Google about localized versions of your page" section.


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Fair suggestion. I can ask Darrin indeed, or create a  small hack myself Indeed the number of pages that have relevant info in more than one language is quite small (disregarding the automatic boilerplate text.  Perhaps this is a feature that could be of interest to other multilingual site owners

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