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Help installing.

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Hello, First I want to say I am new to all of this. 

Second, I watched 3 didn't videos, read the guide. And am still confused. 

I got me a hosting site and domain, on DreamHost, and through that WordPress. 

But I try to follow the instructions, and I am just lost.  I get to the file zilla part,  on the file manager part, I put my info for the WordPress server, but I have no idea where to put my files, I tried it, and I ended  messing up my WordPress domain completely, and it wouldn't even let me on it.  I went and got me another one, while they are fixing the first one. 

                      I am new, I am doing a full new install, which is what I downloaded. I'm confused which or if any updates I needed? 

I honestly didn't know it would be this difficult to figure out, I watched his review video, and he said it wasn't hard to install and setup.  I think we have 2 different versions of difficult. 


Any help is appreciated, because I really want this website to work. 

Thank you. 



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Chris Lloyd

If you have access to the CPanel in your host, you need to setup a folder in the filemanager section for the TNG installation.


The url would then be something like www.yourspecialdomainname.com/tng assuming your folder is called tng.

Load all the tng files into that folder and follow the install instructions. If you want to integrate into WP then there are other steps to take - lots of info on this forum.

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Like Chris explained make a folder TNG in the root of your website, install TNG in that folder  and install Wordpress in the ROOT, so it will look like this:


  • www.yourspecialdomainname.com/ROOT -INSTALL WORDPRESS HERE
  • and www.yourspecialdomainname.com/ROOT/TNG - INSTALL TNG HERE

Here is info how to integrate Wordpress and TNG:

TNG and Wordpress

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