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Jan Roger

Linux Mint and XAMPP

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Jan Roger

I have done a fresh install of Linux Mint 20.3 and XAMPP for Linux 8.0.14
I have used Mint and XAMPP for several years without any problem.
Now with a fresh install with the versions above, the http://localhost/jan/readme.html failed ti install. 
"4. Rename two folders:
For security reasons, we recommend you choose different names for the GEDCOM and Backups folders. If you've completed this step before, you'll get an error here. Don't worry, just keep going.
Backups Folder:    backupsjan  
Folder backups could not be renamed (<error)
GEDCOM Folder:    gedcomjan  
Folder gedcom could not be renamed  (<error)
5. Choose your language and character set:
If the choices you see are what you want, then you don't need to do anything here. If your language includes a lot of special characters, choose the UTF-8 variant.
Language:    Norwegian (UTF-8)

Please wait, attempting to process..."
(<error hanging forever)
I have also tried chmod -R 777 .   on dir. /opt/lampp/htdocs/jan
Perhaps permissions are an issue here, but i dont know.



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Definitely sounds like a permission and/or owner:group issue. I'm using Ubuntu and separately installed the LAMP stack (not using XAMPP), but the configuration should be about the same.

Take a look at the /etc/apache2/envvars file and look for the "export APACHE_RUN_USER" and "export APACHE_RUN_GROUP" entries. They are usually both set to "www-data". This is the user and group apache2 uses when making changes to files and directories. If the group is not setup correctly on your website directories and files, apache2 will not be able to make any changes.

In my particular case, my website files reside in the /vars/www/html directory. You will need to change the path to reflect your configuration. To recursively change the owner and group names on my website files, I use the command: "sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html"

To change the directory permissions of my website directories, I use the command: "sudo find /var/www/html -type d -exec chmod 2775 {} +"

To change the file permissions of my website files, I use the command: "sudo find /var/www/html -type f -exec chmod 0664 {} +"

Once you get the permissions and owner:group setup correctly, the install should work.


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Jan Roger
Thank you. I have followed your advice and everything works well. Rolled also back to XAMPP for Linux 7.4.27. 
Will try eventually on newer releases of XAMPP. 
Greetings from Norway in rainy weather. 
Thanks again

Jan Roger

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