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CSS issue in Statistics

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In completely rebuilding my site from scratch, I decided on a dark theme for Avada.  I am having trouble however in getting a CSS string to change the font color of the titles below the pie charts.  So far, I have attempted to add everything one at a time to mycustomtng.css  that contains the preamble .c3-  .  I have even attempted this in the c3.css file.  No joy anywhere.  See the barely visible black text, which needs to be white.  Yes, I have used the !important tag...  This one should have done it.

.c3-legend-item-event {
    font-size: 20px;
    color: white !important;

Does anyone have any ideas?



css trouble stats.jpg

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Absolutely stellar!  I should have figured it was something else, given the behavior of the text and pie chart on hover.  Now I have learned something new.

Here are the CSS rules I used:

.c3-legend-item {
   fill: #e9a825;
   font-size: 14px!important;

.c3-chart-arc path {
 stroke: #000000!important;

The !important tag was necessary to force the rule override on both.  Thanks for this heads-up, and here and the outcome is shown below.  Now, on to the TNG menus and some serious CSS rule changes in the Calendar:

css trouble stats fixed.jpg

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