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Laurids Petersen

(Solved) Problems with "hamburger-menu" in connection with Wordpress

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Laurids Petersen


I have made my site with Wordpress as the primary CMS and TNG as a part of this. 

The integration is done with the Kloosterman method.

I have disabled all the menues in TNG. All navigation is done with Wordpress menues.

I have one (at least 😀) problem, when I access the websitet from a smartphone (or tablet): The hamburger-menu works fine on pages/blogs in Wordpress. But when I access a TNG program the hamburger-menu gets destroyed.

I think I have to disable the support for hamburger-menu in TNG, but I am not sure. (And I cant figure out how to do it).

Any ideas how I can have Wordpress menues on a smartphone?

I have a staging- site where you can see it: www.surlykkerne.dk/stg-61581

It is in danish. A little help: All submenues bellow "Slægtstræ" are TNG programs and all submenues bellow "Historier" are Wordpress blogs/pages.


Laurids Petersen





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Laurids Petersen


I suppressed the hamburger-menu in TNG by modifying the siteversion.php, so it always returns the value of "standard".

In the WPTNG-topmenu.php I added call to the theme display of the mobile-menu:

// Vis WP-header & menu
require ("../wp-blog-header.php");

// Vis mobile menu
require ("../wp-content/themes/catch-base-pro/inc/catchbase-menus.php");

This is (of course) dependent of the Wordpress-theme. I use use the "Catch Base Pro" theme




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