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Custome Event Does Not Display

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I am using TNG v. 13.0.3 on my home computer, and just found an instance where a custom event does not display.

I have added this event to an individual, and now notice it does not show up on the public view.

From the custom event type list, the custom event shows as:

 Tag tng_sort_desc.gif   Type/Description tng_sort_asc.gif   Display tng_sort_asc.gif   ID   Order #   Ind/Fam   On Import   Collapse   Events tng_sort_desc.gif 
MED      Medical   295  0  Individual   Accept   Yes   59 

Refresh the browser screen is not the answer.

When I use advance search for this Tree and select Medical fact exists, I get 52 results, including the individual for whom I just added this custom event.

But when I check these individuals in public view, none have this custom event showing up in public view.

How do I make this custom event show up in public view?

As a corollary to this question, is it possible to privatize custom events?



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