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Rob Severijns

Albums on person page

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Rob Severijns

Hello everyone,

I recently started making use of the Album function within TNG.

In my opinion a nice feature that let's you keep several photo's linked to a certain person and/or event in one place (the album)

What I don't like is the way it is presented on the person page (see screenshot below)


I would like to see the picture oulined to the left and the box a little less wide (110px)

Wanted to make a change in mytngstyle or mytemplatestyle but I'm not sure how to achieve this.

Anyone any idea?

Thanks in advance,


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     Is there something in this thread that points to what the css on that element has?  Or is it the .thumb class?  Does making a different image the default album image make it look better?


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Rob Severijns

Hello Brent,

Thank you for replying.

I didn't find anything in this thread and changing the image doesn't make a difference.

All are outlined in the center.

I looked at your  mod "Single Person Media Thumbnails" which you once sent me but taking a closer look at the cfg file shows me that Albums are not included.

Tried changing the code myself but since I'm not able to write code I went for trial & error.

Unfornunately a lot of errors 🤔

Looking at the undelying code of the person page (in elements) I noticed that I need to change the following line:

<td valign="top" class="databack" align="center" style="width:220px">

I can make a temporary change there but not permanent one for I don't know where/how to do that.

Hope this shed's a better light on what I'm looking for.



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