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Install TNG ver 13.0.4 on localhost only

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Will someone show me where I can find the steps to install a working version of TNG on a local server. I am about as green as they come and need the "installation for Dummies" process for installing on a local Windows 10 machine.

I have installed Ver 13 on my webserver and can get into admin. So I am not a complete novice. The instructions fo the web are very good.

I now want to install ver 13 on my local Windows 10 machine for development and testing before moving to my website.

So far I have:

  • downloaded ver 13.
  • Properly installed:
  • WAMPServer 3.17 on D drive D:/WAMP64. I get the green W on the taskbar.
    • Windows Service name MySQL80
    • MySQL connection id is 11
    • Version 8.0.25 My community server - GPL
    • Apache 2.4.46
    • PHP 7.3.21
    • SQL 8.0.21
  • Ports:
    HTTP 80
    MySQL 3306
  • created a virtual host - "tngsite" on D:/tngsite
  • executed tngsite/readme.html and can display the TNG Installation Instructions page
  • Copied tgn downloaded directories and files to D:/tngsite (with no changes. straight copy)
  • skipped step 2 because I want the installation on my local machine
  • Step 3 'set permissions:' then "Please wait, attempting to process" nothing happens. freezes. 

What have I missed?

Thanks to anyone that can show me the way.



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Chris Lloyd

Once you have set up the local server - XAMMP or WAMMP etc, the steps are exactly the same as on a hosted server.  You may need to 'point' the local browser to the www folder of your WAMP instal

e.g C:/Program Files/Ampps/www/tngfiles1304/ in the admin setup paths.

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Thanks for your input.

I should have put more detail in but I entered into my browser "tngsite/readme/.html' (tngsite = virtual server) and I get the installation screen. When I go to step 3 set permissions nothing happens.

Really trying to follow the instructions

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Chris Lloyd

This is the url for my AMMPs setup - yours should be similar: as Brent has suggested

Edited by Chris Lloyd

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