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Hi all

This morning I received a message from DHL Express, telling me that my package has arrived to "the post-office" and that they can't deliver it to my home.

There is also a button there to "Complete the transaction".

The message is in Swedish, probably because I use a .se mail.


The mail IS A SCAM! There are several wrong things about this mail:

* It says that the package has arrived to "the post-office" (no specification). There are NO post-offices in Sweden! Packages are handled by local shops.

* The sender is "DHL-Express" but the mail address is "support (at) tarkntravel (dot) com"

* A Google search for "tarkntravel (dot) com" gives no results except site stats and "Domains Registered By Date (2020-06-07)" - not a year ago!

* The "company text" at the bottom of the mail contains several badly translated wordings


The mail is sent to a mailbox that I ONLY use for TNG-related mails. It's not posted at my site, has never been posted in a message here, and I never use it for anything else but communicating with TNG users and this forum.

In my mind, that means that someone connected to TNG or maybe the forum itself has been hacked and mail addresses have been collected.

And so I also think there's a risk that you will receive such a mail.

Please: Disregard the mail and DO NOT CLICK THE BUTTON! If you click the button to "Complete the transaction" your computer will probably be infected in one way or another, or at the very least you confirm that your e-mail is active and so they can sell it to spammers.


Take care,



PS. Yes; I deleted the mail without clicking the button :-)


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Hi Erik

We have been warned here in the UK for several weeks by Royal Mail itself to look out for scammers pretending to be them and being unable to deliver a parcel. They even went to the extent of posting several examples of scam texts and emails they had collected as a warning to be vigilant.

This from the Royal Mail website:

Royal Mail: Typical online scams to look out for

Cheers Alan



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Hi Alan,

Interesting. The mail I got is clearly a variation of that theme.

The reason I posted it here is the obvious connection to TNG, as that e-mail is only connected to the forum and conversation with other TNG admins/users.

Have a nice evening!


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