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Paul Barrett

Replacement Sprites

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Paul Barrett

I've CSS'd out a lot of the menu item icons but there are places such as in the edit screen where icons are the ONLY link to pieces of functionality - notes, citations, search, more etc.

I'd like to replace them with icons that are bigger and more modern - more like font-awesome - which means, I guess, designing new sprites and changing the offsets.

The only wiki entry I can find is related to TNG 11 and earlier.  I assume nothing has changed since then?  Before I embark on this learning curve, has anyone else done this?  I couldn't see a mod.

Is this a bad idea, especially for a novice like me?




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I'm trying to find a similar solution, I want to use a personalised icon font instead of the sprites or an image in my custom drop down menu,  but can't figure out a way to do it.  Adding the font as a class ( <i class="font-symbol here"></i>  ) stops the page from displaying altogether. I'd be grateful for any input please

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