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Paul Barrett

To integrate with WordPress or not?

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Paul Barrett

Hi everyone.

I'm implementing TNG for a family history society in the UK.

I'm wrestling with a fundamental question and I'd appreciate some hive-mind input

The idea is that members will be able to subscribe to an add-on to their normal membership to entitle them to edit access to a tree on the TNG site.  While that add on is current they have edit access.  When it expires they lose edit access but the content remains accessible as an Anon user.  I need to administer that access

The most obvious way is to integrate with the main WordPress site.  But we have disk space limitations there that would have significant cost implications for us.  Meanwhile, we have a high spec Synology NAS that is more than capable of running TNG (I've already set it up) and has masses of space.  So how to sync the members between the two?

Is there a way to import users via a CSV file?  I can't see anything on the Wiki or by searching here so I think not?

TNG on its own won't consume much disk space but media will.  Is there a way to host the media externally (e.g. on the NAS)?

My current thinking however is to get the main site's Membership system to alert a TNG admin when a user buys the addon or it expires without being renewed (it will last for one year) so that they can action it.  That's eminently doable and has the benefit of simplicity.

Any other suggestions please?

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