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Sudo root access for TNG on webhosting site

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I am looking into migrating my site currently now hosted on my home server, to a hosting site.

I am contacting several and being told that because I am using TNG my hosting cost with domain, SSL and email will be in the range of $400 a year.

I have contacted dreamhost and been told I could most likely use their service but was asked if TNG required root/sudo access, if so I need a more expensive alternative.

Can someone verify if I do need this for an external hosting site?



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Hi John,

Absolutely ridiculous advice, $ 400,-/year. The only thing you need is a hosting provider that supports:

1) PHP (a scripting language, 7.0 or higher recommended; and 
2) MySQL (a database, 8.0 or higher recommended). 

Check out :



or any other hosting company!

If you want to choose dreamhoast:


I would choose the WordPress Unlimited, $ 3,95/month


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Yeah seemed pretty crazy. I know from the website, simplyhosting was recommended. I just got a reply from them for $6.88 a month while dreamhost is much cheaper.

But again, much thanks for the help.

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