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Frans Erich

The effect of a marriage between a neice and a cousin

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Frans Erich

Dear Community members, 

I am helping a friend of mine set up a new TNG site.

The site is version 13.0.2 template 19 and the address is: https://familiesprey.nl/

In her family, her parents turn out to be second cousins of each other and that has a strange effect on some of the views in the site. Below is the correct representation of the family relationship:


But in the ancestor view we see the same ancestor couple twice which is a bit strange:


The same goes for the descendancy view where we have the same couple twice. 



Is there any way to avoid these double displays and make them appear single instead of double. 

Kind regards,

Frans Erich

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May be it looks strange for you.
But the charts show as it is:

Same anchestors - different thread
Same descendants - different thread
This is reality for cousins marriage!

What would be your recommendation? 


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