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Simile Timeline - a suggestion for code and settings changes

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An important setting, to me, I use the background-color: #FFFFFF in timeline-band-1 and timeline-band-2 in timeline.css.

The personal events band and the external events band do not move inline. When you drag one the other also moves, but in a not understandable way. I have set them move together, as fixed to eachother. This has been done by having the numbers for band2 like the numbers for band3 in timelineconfig.php. I have also made the distance between events shorter with the settings below
                $band1_pct = "10%";
                $band1_interval = 50; //pixels
                $band1_multiple = 2;

                $band2_pct = "50%";
                $band2_interval = 15; //pixels
                $band2_multiple = 10;

                $band3_pct = "30%";
                $band3_interval = 15; //pixels
                $band3_multiple = 10;

                $band4_pct = "10%";
                $band4_interval = 30; //pixels
                $band4_multiple = 2;

I have also made many changes in ajx_famtimelinexml.php, to always include the wife/partner, and more information.

Here is a link to my site, the timeline for Christian Nilsen Scharning, with my version of ajx_famtimelinexml.php
The wife Ingeborg Larsdotter Scharning is included as a result of the changes I have made in ajx_famtimelinexml.php


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Number of views to my post are steadily growing. In update 13.0.4 my contents for ajx_famtimelinexml.php are integrated. I have informed Darrin Lythgoe that I look forward to him consider my other changes.

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