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Bill Herndon

NearDawnTwo - A Fresh Update To My Drop-In Template for TNG

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Bill Herndon

I've just put up the first major update to my template NearDawn in about 5 years.  Changes I've made include:

  • The "style" is more in line with contemporary publishing standards, having larger fonts, more space between elements, and less clutter.
  • I finally did away with the right-side TNG pull-down menus in favor of a footer block that supports as many of the less used menu items as you want.  (I never liked those menus anyway.)
  • The CSS is greatly simplified, and will become the core of a family of templates using similar layouts and blocking.
  • There is no longer any difference between the version I publish for Lindell-Herndon Genealogy and the version I make available for download.  So...less maintenance.
  • NearDawnTwo is compatible with the Template Manager mod.
  • The template no longer depends on a mod to deal with certain TNG'isms that I just never could get around without a code change.  (Although I may still have a mod for the final version to do language file installation.)

For the time being, I'm just soliciting comments from the community on how I can improve the template and fixing a few lingering issues with the CSS.  But in about 3 weeks I'll publish NearDawnTwo and NearDarkTwo for download and get to work on some more advanced features.  Things I'm considering:

  • Picture shows for the header. 
  • A 'feature scroll' for the bottom of the content section.
  • An automated method for generating new pages that have the 'look and feel' of the home page.
  • A template builder.  Something like Uncode for TNG.  (This is a 'holy grail' project.)

Comments are very welcome.

-- Bill Herndon

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