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Kerry Knodle

I have a large number of photos and docs in a cloud account, some of which are attached to persons in my tree.  I'm wondering the best way to share the rest of the rich content I have on my site, but without "attaching" media to individuals.  I was thinking that perhaps Albums would be useful, so that I could create individual albums for family groups and upload media for each.  But I am new to TNG and unclear on whether this can be done, and if so, how?  Any help will be appreciated.  

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Hi Kerry, 

this may depend on your preference.

If there are many pictures for an individual person, my preference is to put them into an album instead to show them directly on the individuals page.

With albums, you have the chance to order picture in  chronologigal order (if you know about the dates) and you can structure in seperate albums for specific events.

(i.e.  Fotos of 80th birthday of Dad,                 fotos of marriage of god child,             digitalized from analog Photoalbum...)


Nevertheless, you have the option to assign single photos (or documents)  in the specific  also to other persons or families   ..





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