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After a gap of some years, I have got back into working on my family tree using TNG. I had forgotten how powerful it is – but with also how complex to use! That is not a criticism of TNG, it is much like other software nowadays, 90% of users will never use 90% of the features but all those features are there for those who do need them.

I am a few weeks away from publishing my family tree but I belong to a very large extended family and I expect it to generate quite a bit of interest. Many of those using it, however, have limited computer skills, especially the elderly ones who I think will be particularly interested in the family information. I would therefore like to present them with a much simpler interface.

I am reasonably skilled in web design so this doesn’t present any serious challenges for me. I visualise a simple check box above the menu bar giving a Basic/Advance option. Selecting the Basic version would simply hide various elements e.g on the left-hand panel, I don’t think things like Reports, DNA Tests and Statistics will be of interest to most users.

None of this should be particularly tricky but I’m a great believer in not inventing the wheel twice so I’m wondering if anyone else has done something like this and has tips to offer or even a template they are willing to share?

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