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Connection Counter mod 'Cannot Install' after upgrade

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I had the Connections Counterv12.0.2.1g working on my TNG v13.1 site with Template 13. After upgrading to v13.3  I get 'Cannot Intall' in the mod manager.

I followed all the instructions for tyhe upgrade including uninstalling all mods first. The error file for this is:

line 29: %copyfile: tng_conn_counter.php  not copied
Source: mods/conn_count_1g/tng_conn_counter.php
line 39: %target:@languages/French-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified

line 41: %location:% #1 not installed

line 53: %target:@languages/French/cust_text.php% verified

line 55: %location:% #1 not installed

line 67: %target:languages/English/cust_text.php% verified

line 69: %location:% #1 not installed

line 81: %target:languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified

line 83: %location:% #1 not installed

line 97: %target:processlogin.php% verified

line 99: %location:% #1 Bad target

line 118: %target:customconfig.php% verified

line 119: %location:% #1 not installed

line 127: %target:admin_utilities.php% verified

line 128: %location:% #1 not installed

line 145: %target:admin_backup.php% verified

line 146: %location:% #1 not installed

line 156: %target:admin_restore.php% verified

line 157: %location:% #1 not installed

line 169: %target:admin_optimize.php% verified

line 170: %location:% #1 not installed

line 182: %target:@templates/template1/index.php% verified

line 184: %location:% #1 not installed

line 200: %target:@templates/template2/index.php% verified

line 202: %location:% #1 not installed

line 217: %target:@templates/template3/index.php% verified

line 219: %location:% #1 not installed

line 234: %target:@templates/template4/index.php% verified

line 236: %location:% #1 not installed

line 251: %target:@templates/template5/index.php% verified

line 253: %location:% #1 not installed

line 268: %target:@templates/template6/index.php% verified

line 270: %location:% #1 not installed

line 285: %target:@templates/template7/index.php% verified

line 287: %location:% #1 not installed

line 302: %target:@templates/template8/index.php% verified

line 304: %location:% #1 not installed

line 320: %target:@templates/template9/index.php% verified

line 322: %location:% #1 not installed

line 337: %target:@templates/template10/index.php% verified

line 339: %location:% #1 not installed

line 354: %target:@templates/template11/index.php% verified

line 356: %location:% #1 not installed

line 371: %target:@templates/template12/index.php% verified

line 373: %location:% #1 not installed

line 388: %target:@templates/template13/index.php% verified

line 390: %location:% #1 not installed

line 405: %target:@templates/template14/index.php% verified

line 407: %location:% #1 not installed

line 422: %target:@templates/template15/index.php% verified

line 424: %location:% #1 not installed

line 439: %target:@templates/template16/index.php% verified

line 441: %location:% #1 not installed

line 456: %target:@templates/template17/index.php% verified

line 458: %location:% #1 not installed

line 474: %target:@templates/template18/index.php% verified

line 476: %location:% #1 not installed

  • code modifications specified: 28; modified: 0
  • file copies specified: 1; copied: 0
  • new files specified: 0; created: 0
  • new folders specified: 0; created: 0
TNG 12.0

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Until the author (Michel) responds,  to permit 'OK to Install' , with an Editor, simply remove the spaces/tab at the beginning of one line.  In the conn_counter_mod_v12.0.2.1g.cfg file, change line 102.


    setcookie("tngerror_$newroot", "loginfailed", 0, "/");


setcookie("tngerror_$newroot", "loginfailed", 0, "/");

I did not test the mod's function since I do not use it.  One unrelated concern, at the bottom of your mod manager picture, why does it show 'TNG12' when you are on TNG 13.0.3?  That should not be.


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