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(SOLVED) Individual Page Relationship Field

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SOLVED -  I contacted Darrin who was able to resolve my issue

Hi Everyone, I just purchased TNG and got it up and running. Then something happened and the templates no longer showed, so I deleted it and reinstalled, plus it had been changed to a new minor version.  I am sure that in the first installation I was able to hide the relationship on an individuals page via a setup field, but now I cannot see it. After looking for a couple of days I am asking for help. 

Installed 13.0.3
Hosted by Hostpapa, has all necessary setups
Template 13
Source via GEDCOM from FTM2019 where all relationships are "unknown" which is fine by me but I want to hide it whenever it occurs, such as on a child or marriage.

I would appreciate your help.

thanks, Debra

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 3.35.24 am.png

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Look through the GEDCOM file to see if you can find the GEDCOM Tag that Family Tree Maker has assigned to the relationship.

When you find it, go to the TNG Admin ------> Custom Events and search for that Tag.

Set that tag to Ignore, and it should disappear.


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Thanks Roger. That may have been where I saw it but now it is not there. I do have a number of tags that I created myself. I shall keep looking.

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