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Importing Rootsmagic Places

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Does anyone else import RootsMagic gedcoms?    I've been using TNG for years but entered the data directly into the TNG database.  I've recorded the places as  <address>, <city>, <county>, <state>, <country> and they're parsed wonderfully for the place reports and maps.    If there are multiple locations in a city, such as cemeteries, they are all displayed as separate places on the map and you can zoom in to see them.

I'm experimenting with RootsMagic and importing the gedcom trying to get the same results.  RootsMagic can display the different "addresses" on the map too, but they store the "address" in a separate field, and when imported into TNG,  becomes <city>,<county, <state><country> with the addess in a note field.    All the different addresses in an area end up grouped as one location, losing the ability to see the locations of the different cemeteries and addresses on the map.

Have you found a way to get the places to get a RM gedcom configured to import properly into TNG so both applications' maps work properly?

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