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Newbie Questions about repositories, sources, media, and collections

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andreas krause

Hello. I'm a new to genealogy and TNG. I've entered the basic biographic information (names, dates, relationships) for my family and can make basic charts. I am now starting to add photos and want to start adding documents and other media. The wiki has a very basic high level description of repositories, sources, and citations but I still don't fully understand these things, how I should establish/use them, and where they physically reside.  The TNG admin website also has a media tab with default sub-tabs of photos, documents, histories, recordings, etc. There is also a collections option. I'm totally confused. There is no discussion on the wiki on how repositories, sources, and citations relate to media and collections. I've been adding photos to the media but it never asks for sources. I've tried to add documents to the media but the default document tab asks for a seed folder to set it up. If it is default, I shouldn't need to set it up. Nor are there any instructions on how to set up a media folder. If I'm adding a photo or document to media do I need to establish those items in a repository, source, or citation first? What are collections and how are they different than repositories, sources, and media photos/documents. I organize my photos documents etc into local folders on my computer first before I upload them to TNG. Once uploaded, is there any link from TNG to the local folder/file or does it all get stored on the web server completely separately? I've looked for some sort of primer on these issues on the forum and wiki but couldn't find anything. If a primer exists, please send it to me. Any other guidance would be appreciated. Also, it would probably be most useful and efficient I could talk to someone on the phone for 10-15 minutes about these issues to get me pointed in the right direction. Is that possible? Thanks in advance for your help.

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