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Requesting Quote for RC Customization

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Hello all,

The website I'm working on is https://www.blackburn-tree.org

We're running v. v.13.0.2. The TNG installation is at https://www.blackburn-tree.org/genealogy

My client has over 900K individuals in the family database and has a second database with upwards of 800K names that we'd eventually like to integrate. I have that part handled ;) but I need help with the Relationship Calculator. Right now it returns results quickly for one relationship going back up to 15 generations, but if you ask it to do 2 or more relationships it hangs for at least 5-6 minutes and sometimes either times out or freezes up the entire site. The client would like to be able to search for as many as 10 relationships going back 25 or more generations but right now that's simply impossible; when we get around to adding the second database, it'll be extra impossible.

If anyone on here can speed up the RC or if there's a way to index the tables or something to help speed it up, drop me a quote. I realize this may largely be an issue of server resources, but I also know that adding processing power may only go so far. If anyone with more experience managing huge databases like this one has any input on server configuration/space, please help! Here are the details of our cloud instance (we're using Simply Hosting):

vCPu: 2 vCPU per Core - 2 cores
RAM: 2048 MB
Disk Space: 20 GB

Edited to add: the RC does return multi-relationship results more quickly when it finds them. For example, using test names supplied by the client where such relationships are already know to exist, the system has returned up to 4 relationships going back up to 9 generations in under 5 minutes. Every time I've seen it hang more than 10 minutes before returning a result (unless it crashes the site), no additional relationships beyond the first one have been found. I don't know if that helps...?

Editing again: sorry to be unclear -- that quick return on more complex searches doesn't ALWAYS happen if the relationships exist, but it ONLY happens if the relationships exist.
Thanks in advance!

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